We know how it goes: mom and dad do all that sneaky Santa stuff but forget to fill their own stockings. You wouldn’t mind so much, but it’s that look on your kiddos face when they think Santa might have forgotten you that really gets to you. Which is why you are going to do a great service to your own children and indulge in a few items that will fit perfectly in your very own stocking. We don’t want to ruin Christmas for the kiddos, now do we? Scroll down to see them all.

Zia Double Leather Feather Earrings

There’s nothing better than jewelry for holiday gift giving, and these double leather leaf earrings from Raven and Lily will fit perfectly in your stocking. Made by an artisan community in India, you’ll be providing women with a fair wage and access to tools and healthcare with every purchase.

Available at ravenandlily.com, $32.

Trey + Glo Apothecary Soy Candle

Trey Glo Apothecary

We found your next candle addiction: Trey + Glo Apothecary’s soy candles. They are all hand-blended, hand-poured and 100% crafted with love by a mama. Give one to yourself and all the mothers in your life. Currently available in four scents: “Daphne” (bayberry + balsam); “Sarge” (sandalwood + citrus flower); “Deena” (blueberry + buttermilk); and “Manoja” (white tea + fig tree).

Get yours today at treyglo.com, $20

Bamboo Charcoal Puff

Use the antioxidants to fight acne-causing bacteria, plus the activated charcoal found in this puff to help prevent breakouts. Perfect for your self-care goals in 2019! Also available in clay or regular. 

Available at dewpuff.com, $8.

Chelsea King Leopard Print Scrunchie

The ‘90s called and they want their accessories back! This upscale version of your youthful go-to hair bling has an extra bonus you didn’t need to worry about when you were side-ponytailing it all those years ago: the smooth velvet helps prevent breakage during the dry winter hair months.

Grab it at chelseaking.shop for $19.99

Limited Edition Lucy Crystal Collar-Ice

Olive & Piper

We know you don’t want to splurge on the tiara you actually deserve but this gorgeous necklace will make you sparkle like Markle without the royal budget. We also love their earring and necklace gift boxed sets for under $100. Oh, Santa! You shouldn’t have!

Available at oliveandpiper.com, $54

Daily Wonders Face Masks

Stockings are the perfect place for face masks! At five bucks each, and with fun names like “what happened last night?” and “detox and chill,” you’ll be thrilled to receive this gift from yourself on Christmas morning.

Available at leaderscosmeticsusa.com, $5 each.

Charged Up Tassel Keychain

Not only is this keychain on-trend with its metallic tassels, but it’ll also keep your Apple products charged up with the USB-to-lightening adaptor that’s tucked inside.

Available at myinitials-inc.com, $18.

Silicon Straws for Iced Coffee Lovers

Plastic straws are so 2017. These silicon straws are not only available in fun colors, but you’ll be helping rid the environment of dangerous plastic. These are not only dishwasher safe, but they are also recyclable, too!

Available at keepnaturewild.com, 3 for $7.

Mini Cactus Humidifier

Keep your face hydrated throughout the dry winter days with this Mini Cactus Humidifier, perfect for a desktop or nightstand. It’s lightweight, so you can tote it from work to office if you want, USB powered and has an auto-shut off after four hours. Available in white, gray or with a built-in nightlight!

Get it at theapollobox.com, $!7.98

Celebrate Yourself Self Care Set

A total splurge, but who better than you to spoil yourself? We love this self care set from Maggie Wu Studio. The rose quartz roller can be used to de-stress and calm a busy parent after a long day, and the silk eye mask will give you the shut-eye you need to tackle the days to come.

Available at maggiewustudio.com, $86.


Bangle Hair Tie Bracelet

A bracelet that doubles as a place to stash a hair tie? Brilliant. And totally necessary for busy moms. There are a ton of different styles and metals to choose from, but we are especially partial to the ebony and rose gold combo.

Available at gogirldesign.com, $25.

Rose Gold Tea Infuser

Tea never looked so chic. These Rose Gold tea infusers come in strawberry, heart or pineapple shapes, are rose gold-plated stainless steel and the perfect little stocking stuffer you never knew how much you wanted.

Get yours at theapollobox.com, $10.99

Lotto Love Scratch Cards

Lotto tickets are always a fun addition to the stocking, so how about a few scratch-off cards that actually give back to someone in need? With Lotto Love, each card gives back to one of four charities (clean water, literacy tools, solar light for those living off the grid, nutritious meals), and you won't know which one until you scratch! 

Get yours here, $20 for 2. 

—Amber Guetebier & Gabby Cullen

featured photo: Drew Coffman via Unsplash



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