If you’re anything like us, there’s a good chance you’re currently sitting in a room in your house surrounded by your kids’ stuff. Toys. Socks. Is that a fork? It’s just… stuff. It accumulates so fast, and there isn’t always time to neatly organize everything. Storage baskets are our favorite hack for faking it. They keep everything off the floor so we can get to all of it when we have a minute. And they can look so good.

These storage baskets are a great combination of storage and decor, plus we made sure that they’re durable and will hold up to having blocks tossed into them or little hands digging for a marker. Woven baskets? We’ve got them. Storage baskets with lids? Look no further. Modern metal baskets? Absolutely. There’s something for every room in this list so you can start your 2024 off tidy. Kinda. We’re calling that a win.

Milos Handwoven Storage Basket


Woven by hand from banana leaves, this storage basket is sturdy enough for faux plants and chic enough to be filled with toys and left in the living room. We're also loving the handles that make moving it around easier. It's available in medium, large, and extra large sizes.

Milos Handwoven Storage Basket ($59.95+)—Buy Here!

Round Rope Basket

Goodpick on Amazon

For smaller things—Legos, matchbox cars, Barbie clothes, markers, etc.—this fun basket is perfect. It comes in 6 colors and will look great on a counter or tabletop.

Round Rope Basket ($15.29)—Buy Here!

Floppy Seagrass Baskets Set of 3

Lilacraft on Amazon

Floppy baskets are fabulous because they're flexible enough to withstand a bunch of different items. The open weave is super cool, too.

Floppy Seagrass Baskets Set of 3 ($86.99)—Buy Here!

Cognac Vegan Leather Storage Basket

Holistic Habitat

How fabulous is this storage basket? The rich cognac color works with almost any decor and it folds flat when not in use. We'll take 4, thanks.

Cognac Vegan Leather Storage Basket ($45.00)—Buy Here!

Nesting Storage Side Tables, Set of 2

two storage baskets with table tops
Lavish on Amazon

Who doesn't love a multi-tasker? These great storage baskets with lids have flat wooden tops so you could easily use these as small tables (and it would look so good!).

Nesting Storage Side Tables, Set of 2 ($99.38)—Buy Here!

Brooke Wire Basket


Does Anthropologie make anything that isn't stunning? This is a gorgeous basket that feels like art and storage at the same time.

Brooke Wire Basket ($148.00)—Buy Here!

Woven Round Leather Basket


Aside from the versatility of this basked—which comes in 3 colors, by the way—is that it features a living finish, which means the color will patina and age beautifully over time.

Woven Round Leather Basket ($199.00)—Buy Here!

Lacquered Boho Baskets Set of 3


Getting organized is so much easier when you have adorable baskets like these. The detail is amazing and if it's not clear by now, we sure do adore a good set of 3.

Lacquered Boho Baskets Set of 3 ($113.99)—Buy Here!

Metal Glam Storage Baskets Set of 3

Bed Bath & Beyond

If anyone could use a touch of glam in their lives, its us. These baskets come in silver (pictured) and gold finishes, so you can pick the ones that match your vibe.

Metal Glam Storage Baskets Set of 3 ($101.99)—Buy Here!

Lyn Woven Black Storage Basket


This floor storage basket is woven of Indonesian mendong grass and has a silky black finish. How striking is this??

Lyn Woven Black Storage Basket ($104.30)—Buy Here!

Green Woven Storage Baskets Set of 3

voten on Amazon

Add some color to the room with these baskets! They come in a ton of different hues and patterns and hold just about anything.

Green Woven Storage Baskets Set of 3 ($32.99)—Buy Here!

Macrame Storage Baskets Set of 5

ANMINY on Amazon

Small storage is just as important as big—no one wants to be picking up little toys or dog toys all over the room. These add a great touch of texture to the space, too.

Macrame Storage Baskets Set of 5 ($59.99)—Buy Here!

Modern Magazine Rack Basket

La Jolie Muse on Amazon

Sure, you could use it for magazines, but we think this one is perfect for kiddos' books.

Modern Magazine Rack Basket ($32.99)—Buy Here!

Large Woven Baskets Set of 2

X Avia Handcrafts on Amazon

These baskets are made from 100% natural rattan by Vietnam artisans and give such a fabulous natural element to any room (and of course another place to stash stuff!).

Large Woven Baskets Set of 2 ($71.99)—Buy Here!

'Things' Storage Basket

Rae Dunn on Amazon

Need a catchall? This beauty is labeled and ready to go.

'Things' Storage Basket ($22.99)—Buy Here!


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