As if chocolate wasn’t already enough, Hershey’s has done it again and given the world (or at least Target shoppers) a super-sweet new Kiss. The limited edition Strawberry Ice Cream Cone flavor is here and it’s everything you’re imagining and more.

With summer on the horizon, you’re ready for a taste of the season. Even though nothing will replace the ooey, gooey, drippy cone that always seems to melt all over your kiddo’s favorite t-shirt on the warmest of summer days, Hershey’s new flavor is a close second to the real deal.

photo: Target

If you’re looking for a pre-season summer-time treat, minus the chill of an actual ice cream cone, nab a bag of these strawberry-flavored goodies ASAP. While the Kisses obviously don’t contain actual ice cream, according to the product description on Target’s website the Strawberry Ice Cream Cone candy, “Is the delicious KISSES treats you’ve always loved, but this version captures the taste of sweet strawberry ice cream cone in a fun sized treat with less mess!”

The description continues, “Enjoy the decadent taste of smooth, rich bite-sized strawberry flavored crème and cookies anywhere and at any time. Wrapped in festive pink foils, these creamy treats are perfect for the season’s candy dishes and anytime snacking.”

Score your own bag of these strawberry goodies from here. The summery Kisses retail for $3.69 for a nine ounce bag.

—Erica Loop



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