Children love repetition but when it comes to music, that’s one area that today’s parents need not suffer the same song again and again. Thanks to the many streaming platforms, you can tune into a kid-friendly station that will make your next family trip a song and a dance. Scroll down to learn about six stations so cool you just might find yourself listening even when the kids aren’t around.

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Rock the Cradle

Minneapolis based indie radio The Current (89.3) has a hidden gem for parents all around the world: their kiddie station Rock the Cradle plays music on par with many adult stations, minus the explicit lyrics. If you want to expose your kids to some seriously awesome music, most likely from your own teenage years (Gen-X we mean you!) then tune in. Because no self-respecting 7-year-old should live in a world without knowing who the Pixies are.

Learn more here.

Raffi Channel on Pandora

Hear us out! This channel is not just Raffi songs on repeat. It’s actually a well-curated mix of kid-friendly musicians and totally hipster rock which means you get everything from Twenty One Pilots to Paul Simon. There’s literally something for everyone in the family and we’re pretty sure you’ll find yourself saying, “Oh, I love this song!” more than once.

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Tip: Did you know that Pandora has an option to skip music with explicit lyrics? This makes it possible for you to stream any channel you like without having to stress to hit the skip button.

Rockabye Baby

Because it is 2017, we parents have options, options, options. And arguably one of the most awesome options is Rockabye Baby, lullaby renditions of Guns ‘N Roses songs. Yep, you read that right, sweet child of mine. Diehard fans in the know already have the actual album but you can stream the mix through Pandora. (And yes, this same label also has lullaby renditions of Metallica songs that streams right off Amazon with a Prime subscription. You’re welcome.

Get some here.

Kids Club Radio

Music for kids and kids at heart,” the lineup on this iHeart Radio station is so cool (think more top charts and pop than indie or classic rock) you will actually forget this is a kid’s station. So you can rock, pop and sway through chores, morning routines and just general chill time. “Music for kids and kids at heart” is their motto.

Click here to get your groove on.

Classical for Kids

Save the bombastic numbers for tantrum time, and put this channel on as a perfect intro to classical “hits” that will hook them. Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons, the Brandenburg Concertos and Beethoven’s Symphonies top the list. See if you can guess what’s coming next! It’s one of the best ones we’ve found on iHeart.

Give it a listen here.

Dinner Music: Italian

Get a little Louis Prima with a side of Pavarotti with this Pandora channel that rotates through the kind of music you might hear while dining in Little Italy. Though it’s not technically a kid’s station it’s full of family-style music perfect for dinner or just an afternoon sipping juice boxes.

Tune in here.

What’s your favorite station to listen to with the kiddos? Share it with us in the comments below. 

—Amber Guetebier

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