New Study Finds That Your Kids May Be Wearing the Wrong Size Shoes

Shoe display
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Do you find that your kids are always outgrowing their shoes? Shoes that are too small put your children at risk for foot deformities and other serious health issues. Turns out, two out of three kids are wearing the wrong size shoes.  

Shoe display

BlitzResults recently conducted a survey  and found that 67% of all kids are wearing shoes that are too small. Shoes that fit incorrectly can cause a condition called hallux valgus. This is a foot deformity that occurs when the big toe starts to angle inward causing a swollen lump just below the big toe.  

Shoe size infographic

When shopping for shoes there are a few important tips to remember. The right and left foot are rarely the same length. They could have a difference of length of up to half an inch, but that discrepancy corresponds to almost a full shoe size. Parents should always go by the longer foot when buying new shoes. 

Take note that shoe manufacturers label their shoes using standard sizes, but there is no mandatory industry standard. With that in mind, never rely strictly on shoe sizes, have your child try on each shoe carefully. 

A measuring guide, sources and studies on the topic can be found here

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Amit Lahav on Unsplash


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