How to Make Your Super Bowl Party Super Fun

We may have ditched our raucous Super Bowl parties and bar hopping for a more subdued Super Bowl Sunday at home, but this behemoth of an American holiday is still certainly filled with food, drinks (both adult and of the mocktail-variety) and screaming at the TV. And, just because your kid might not know what “third and ten” means, or think “time-outs” are for only when they are misbehaving, doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the game day festivities. Here are some ways your family can eat, drink, craft and play the day away.


Football Place Mats
Your kiddo can help set the game day mood by creating these cute football-shaped place mats for every dog, dip or cookie that might be on your menu come Sunday. Chica And Jo provides easy-to-use directions that turn game day into an impromptu art project.

Homemade Pom-Poms
Even if your little guy is still upset about your team’s loss, how do we get everyone up and jumping with equal excitement? A pair of homemade pom-poms, of course. Our friends at Five J’s have the instructions to really make your celebration cheerful. You can even help your kids come up with rhyming cheers and get the whole party pumped up!

Football juice box
As parents and friends indulge in mom juice and the like, your little ones will be chuggin’ down some good ol’ juice during the game. Kids can add some team spirit to their beverages by creating paper koozies for their juice boxes, an idea perfectly illustrated at And Everything Sweet. It’s as easy as cut and glue!

Homemade Football Banner
Kids can set the stage for a victory this Super Bowl Sunday by creating a cloth and ribbon football banner. Older kids can help with the hand stitching and littler ones can help with the gluing. The detailed directions at Two Twenty One make it an easy crafts project that will occupy and amuse.


Football Pizza
Add some “ready, set, hike!” to your finger foods on Super Bowl Sunday with this delicious American favorite. The easy directions at Damn! Recipes make this snack too easy to resist.

Ultimate Super Bowl Dip
It wouldn’t be a Super Bowl party without some seriously extreme chip dip. Cooking on the Side breaks it down into seven tasty layers to keep your kiddos and guests lining up to get another scoop. Don’t want to share? You can make individual sized servings by layering it on in 9 oz plastic cups.

Football Rice Crispy Treats
And what about dessert? Now that you’ve got your savory snacks all set, you need an over-the-top sweet to go with them. These little football-shaped treats are easy to make with the kids and look adorable on your table—check ‘em out at Family Ever After—your friends and family will be yelling “touchdown!”


Homemade Jerseys
Show some home team love with this fun and crafty project. The kids will be lookin’ sharp in their homemade jerseys and will feel like part of the team. Keep it simple with some sharpies and glitter glue, or step it up a notch with some iron-on numbers and puffy paint. Check out what the kids over at Late Enough did to spruce up their plain white Ts.

Pin the Football Between the Goal Post
Keep the kids from getting bored and antsy with this football-themed oldie but goodie courtesy of our friends at Spoonful. Tie on a blindfold, give ‘em a spin and watch the fun unfold. All you’ll need is:

  • Yellow, brow and white construction paper
  • Glue and tape
  • Scissors
  • Blindfold
  • Big, empty wall space

1. Cut the yellow construction paper into long strips, tape them in the shape of a goal post on the wall.

2. Cut the brown construction paper into little football shapes. Glue on strips of white paper to create the laces.

3. Slap on that blindfold and you are ready for some fun!

Football Bingo
So the kids will actually be watching them game? No kidding! They’ll be engaged and anticipating each call with this fun game. Studio DIY supplies you with printable bingo cards—all you need are the popcorn kernels or M&Ms to use as markers.

Hopefully some of these fun and easy football-inspired games and treats will become a tradition in your household for many a Super Bowl to come—grooming the next generation of die-hard fans isn’t easy. But really, who needs an excuse to eat football shaped pizza? Not us.

Let us know how and where your family will be enjoying Superbowl Sunday.

–Lisana De la Torre


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