Surprise toys are all the rage right now—who doesn’t love the excitement of a good surprise! There’s a new player in the “surprise” toy game: BABY born! We adore this brand, and they’ve been around the block (in a car seat, rear-facing, of course). BABY born has been a trusted name in dolls for years, and they are coveted and beloved for a reason. Special delivery: the BABY born Surprise Treehouse, for ages 3 and up! An adorably fun mix of the BABY born Surprise dolls kids love and a thrilling surprise element that they’re craving! Read on for three reasons why this will be their favorite holiday gift this year.

The BABY born Surprise Treehouse and other BABY born products are available now at Target!


Is it your birthday? No, but you’re still getting 20+ surprises to open and delight in! Look inside the treehouse and POOF—your little fairy is swept away to a magical land where anything can happen. Imaginative, hands-on play takes the stage front and center. Treehouses are fun, but never has there been one that brings so much joy (with so little upkeep). The BABY born Surprise Treehouse playset will spark little girls’ imaginations, inspiring them to create a million fantastical stories. 

Hostess with the Mostest

Not a one-trick butterfly: There is so much for littles to explore and discover. The treehouse opens up to reveal a play-full house plus a playground for all of their BABY born Surprise Babies and Pets to frolic in. There’s a Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, slide, swings, elevator and more. This tricked-out treehouse has it all—even a flower shower that really sprays water so baby dolls and furry friends can splash in a bath.

Did Someone Say Exclusive?!

The BABY born Surprise Treehouse comes with an exclusive baby doll. Surprise Sparkle Fly Baby keeps the fluttering fantasy going, with beautiful glittery wings, an adorable outfit and a color change diaper. Not only are there plenty of places to play, including a seesaw and rocking horse, but there are even places to nap. Once all their baby dolls and pets are ready for a snooze, just close up the playset (quietly, of course) and use the handle to carry it to the next magical location. Ahhh—to be young again!

The BABY born Surprise Treehouse and other BABY born Surprise products are available now at Target!



—Jamie Aderski

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