18 Delightfully Silly Ways to Celebrate Opposite Day

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Ever wondered what it’s like to walk a mile in your kids shoes? While that might be a tight fit, Jan. 25 is officially National Opposite Day, so we’ve come up with a few ways you can do the unexpected. Read on for our ideas you can do with the kids today or any day. 

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1. Borrow their lunchbox for your lunch (and give them yours or use a paper lunch bag for their lunch). 

2. Write with crayons all day. Let them color with a ballpoint.

3. Brush with their bubble-gum or apple flavored toothpaste. If they are old enough, give them a pea-sized drop of your minty toothpaste.

4. Eat a PB&J for lunch with carrot sticks or string cheese and be sure your fruit serving is squeezable. (See if you can con them into a fig and goat cheese salad).

5. Swap hats.

6. Eat breakfast for dinner. And while you're at it, pour the milk before the cereal, put the syrup and butter on the plate before the pancakes, etc. Just don't pour the juice before you put out the cup!

7. Attempt to ride their bike or scooter (and let them snap a photo as evidence).

8. Use their mini-backpack as your purse.

9. Swap socks. If their socks are are really tiny, you can put a pair on your thumbs just for laughs.

10. Take them to the grocery store let them “shop” for dinner. Just be prepared to eat Cheez-Its and marshmallows.

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11. Let them "read" you a bedtime story. Even kids that aren't reading yet can tell you a story based on pictures in the book.

12. Switch favorite mugs/cups. While you might not want to drink your latte out of a sippy cup, you'll get some laughs when you drink water from one while the kids drink milk from a coffee mug.

13. Use opposite names all day. They can go by Mr. or Mrs. or just call them Mom or Dad.

14. Unless they sleep in a toddler bed (or if you're a petite person) try a bed swap. Or just put their pillow at the opposite end of the bed.

15. Exchange chores. Let them sweep or mop or fold clothes while you make their bed and put away toys. (Wait, you do that anyway? Well, then just sit there and color while they do the housework!)

16. Let them take dozens of pictures of you throughout the day and send them to grandma, aunties and best friends.

17. Head to the playground and have them push you on the swing and cheer you as you slide.

18. Switch clothes: Tie a scarf or necktie on their waist or in their hair while you wear a tutu as a scarf or head to work with a pirate patch on your eye.

Got a silly or sweet picture from National Opposite Day? Share it with us on Instagram with the tag #redtricycle! 

—Amber Guetebier

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