Target’s Newest Badge Helps ID Asian-Owned Brands to Support

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It’s easier than ever to support Asian-owned businesses online, thanks to a new initiative from Target. The retailer just announced a badge that identifies Asian-owned brands and they’re spotlighting these products online as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month continues.

Whether you’re looking for coconut chips or a new children’s book, you can find the badge in the “At A Glance” section of the product description. It accompanies two other badges that Target has released in the past year: a Black-owned business badge and a women-owned business badge. And it’s in line with the company’s mission to leverage change and shift power to communities, as noted in March on the Target Foundation page.

“We stand firmly against racism, racialized misogyny, and xenophobia in all forms. Through our existing approach in driving systems-level change, we are committed to centering equity and investing in Black, Indigenous, and Person of Color-led (BIPOC) organizations. As part of our commitment to action against hate, we are investing $250,000 in organizations led by Asian Americans, working to empower the Asian American community, addressing gender-based violence and xenophobia, and advancing justice.”

—Sarah Shebek

Featured image courtesy of Target



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