When it comes to Disney, we can all use a few tips on how to save money. With ticket prices constantly on the rise, there’s no end in sight for a cheaper visit to the Magic Kingdom––unless you shop Target to get Disney discounts!

You probably already make more than your fair share of Target runs and now all you need to do is make sure you’re using your REDcard when you do it. Target REDcard comes in debit and credit options and saves you five percent off every purchasee––even gift cards.

photo: UFanGiftCards via Instagram

Target sells tons of different gift card options and a popular one is the Disney gift card. With options to use to purchase merchandise from Disney stores, buy park tickets, pay for Disney hotel stays and even buy food at park eateries, a Disney gift card is a great way to manage your spending.

When you use your REDcard to purchase a Disney gift card at Target, you’ll automatically save five percent! While that may not sound like a lot, remember that discounts within the park and on tickets are few and far between. A $500 gift card purchased to buy entry tickets could be yours for $475!

So before you head to the parks on your next vaycay, be sure to schedule time for a Target run, too.

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: Mike Mozart via Flickr



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