The gang’s all here with Fisher-Price’s newest Little People set.

It may still be some time before we get the next season of Ted Lasso, but that doesn’t mean you can’t harness you fave inner soccer coach now. That’s because Mattel has just dropped the newest version of its Fisher-Price Little People Collector sets: Ted Lasso edition!

AFC Richmond fans will want to get their hands on this six character set that comes with Rebecca Welton, Keeley Jones, Coach Beard, Roy Kent, Sam Obisanya and the main main, Ted Lasso. Are we sad that double-crosser Nate isn’t in the mix? Not so much.


Admittedly, not many young kiddos probably watch the Apple TV show, but the set is the perfect way for parents to encourage a love of the show from a young age. Or just forget the kids all together and buy it for yourself!

“I do love a locker room. It smells like potential,” says Ted Lasso. And in typical Collector set fashion, even the box comes with loads of easter eggs hidden throughout the locker room scene. In fact, there are over 10 can’t-miss details super fans will want to find.


Creators of the dream team left no details to chance. Ted sports his signature AFC sweater and khakis, Rebecca is holding a pink box of biscuits (baked by Ted, of course), Keeley has her phone showing a lion and panda, Coach Beard has his trusty clipboard, Roy is decked out in his AFC jersey (Oy!) and Sam is beaming with his joyful smile and holding a soccer ball.

Missing from the set are plenty of characters, but we get that not everyone can be included. Perhaps Higgins, Sharon and Jamie will make the cut for a second edition of a Ted Lasso set?

You can purchase the Fisher-Price Little People Collector Ted Lasso set on Amazon for $30 or visit the Mattel site to find a store near you.

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