Did you know that with just a few creases and folds you can easily make your own origami teddy bear? Read on for the simple tutorial and then share your bear creations with us on Facebook and Instagram with the tag #RedTricycle.

What you’ll need:

a pen

Origami paper (we used this one from Melissa & Doug, available at MelissanandDoug.com, $4.99)


Step one: choose what color bear you want.

Step two: fold the paper in half so it’s a triangle.

Step three: once your paper is a triangle, fold it in half again.

Step four: lay your paper flat on a table and get ready to fold some more!

Step five: place your triangle so it’s pointed downward. Fold the left tip and the right tip towards each other.

Step six: take each the right tip and the left tip and fold each outwards.

Step seven: at the end of each tip fold the paper back slightly.

Step eight: turn your paper over.

Step nine: fold the bottom tip up slightly to create a triangle.

Step ten: fold again upwards to make a face.

Step eleven: use your pen to make your bear’s eyes, nose and mouth.

Get your own origami kit at MelissanadDoug.com, $4.99.

What do you think of this project? Share your bear with us on Facebook and Instagram with the tag #RedTricycle.

copy: Erin Lem; photos: Christal Yuen




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