These adorable Thanksgiving craft ideas are the perfect way to keep little hands busy

Wondering how to keep the kids at the table this year? These super-simple ideas are great activities, and they don’t take a lot of pre-planning to get done. So forget about those generic-looking store-bought turkeys in Pilgrim hats, and check out our favorite Thanksgiving crafts that’ll keep the kids occupied. If you need even more ways to keep the kids busy, check out these Thanksgiving games and activities!

A Classic Turkey Craft, but Make It Colorful

How pretty are these turkeys? You’ll need doilies and bright markers to make the tails stand out in a crowd.

Thanksgiving Turkey Puppet Craft

Try out these turkey puppets that can double as decor! Make them small or large so they can sit on top of the table as adorable decorations.

Glitter Pumpkins

glitter pumpkins are a fun Thanksgiving craft idea
Mini Monets and Mommies

Add sparkle to the table with this easy Thanksgiving craft. Grab a few gourds or small-sized pumpkins, and let the kiddos paint them with glue. To make this Thanksgiving craft idea even better, let the glue drip down the sides of the gourds/pumpkins. Sprinkle sparkles on top, shake off the excess, and let the tabletop displays dry before adding them as cool centerpieces. The best part is that you can completely customize this for any table. Choose glitter colors that match your place settings to create a cohesive look.

Pine Cone Pumpkins

Thanksgiving crafts
Fireflies and Mud Pies

Sure, a basket of random gourds makes for a rustically chic centerpiece. But stacking pumpkins on top of various forms of squash isn't always the most creative way for your kiddo to spend Thanksgiving day. Instead, make your own with this pumpkin craft from Fireflies and Mud Pies!

Thanksgiving Fluffy Slime

Thanksgiving crafts
Little Bins for Little Hands

Sometimes sitting at the dinner table and patiently waiting for the grown-ups to finish just isn't fun for your tot. Scratch that, it's never fun for your tot. Well, this turkey-shaped fluffy slime idea from Little Bins for Little Hands solves the "Mommmmmmy, I'm sooooo bored" problem. Package this recipe into a cute little see-through cup to create cute holiday decor. As the kids finish eating, they can take the slime out and play with it—giving you time to eat your meal!

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Thanksgiving Thankful Tree Craft

Erica Loop

What is your family thankful for? Instead of waiting until dinner to ponder this question, start early in the day (heck, start the day before). Give each family member a leaf to write what they're thankful for. You can either have the kiddos craft paper leaves from fall-colored card stock or go with the real deal. Get extra crafty and ask the kids to paint their leaves before adding what they're thankful for in marker. Gather a few sticks, and push them into a foam base or secure them in a tall vase. Before the meal starts, collect the thankful leaves. Punch holes in the top and thread the yarn through them. During the holiday meal, each family member/guest can read what they're thankful for and hang the leaves on the "tree." 

Recycled Napkin Rings

paper napkins are a fun Thanksgiving craft
Mini Monets and Mommies

You'll get to recycle and reuse paper towel cardboard tubes with this Thanksgiving craft idea. Cut them into pieces, and let the kids get to work painting them into cute little napkin rings. Want other ideas? Mini Monets and Mommies has plenty of other ways to transform cardboard into Thanksgiving table décor.

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Popsicle Pals

turkey popsicles are a fun thanksgiving craft idea
The Nerd's Wife

Yeah, kids are all about popsicles. Even in November. So put those sticks to use for this adorable table-top craft from The Nerd’s Wife. This recycle-and-reuse art activity is just as Earth-friendly as it is adorable!

Printable Placemats

Thanksgiving crafts
Mama Papa Bubba

The kids can create crafty placemats that show exactly what they’re thankful for. Mama Papa Bubba’s printable design provides plenty of opportunities for thinking about the holiday while getting creative and coloring.

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Top Turkeys

Thanksgiving crafts
Mini Monets and Mommies

The kids need something to do at the Thanksgiving table. Of course, other than eating the fab feast that you’ve spent the day preparing. Cut shapes out of felt (you’ll need circles and ovals), add a few googly eyes, and let the kids go to town, pressing together the felt turkey table toppers. They can puzzle together this project at the table or make them beforehand as place cards.

Gobble Gobble Tablecloth

Nikki Walsh

Your grandma’s hand-sewn lace tablecloth is gorgeous. Just not with gravy and cranberry sauce on it. Pull double duty protecting the table and entertaining the kids with this turkey-time tablecloth. Spread out butcher paper, draw a few gobble gobblers, and let the kids get crafty with their crayons during dinner.

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Playful Pumpkins

Toddler Approved

Who says pumpkins are just for Halloween? Turkey up your mini pumpkins with this idea from Toddler Approved. Table perk: they're perfect placeholders for the kiddos!

Thankful Placemat

Kersey Campbell via Momtastic

What is your child thankful for? Learning about gratitude is kind of the name of the game on Thanksgiving Day. And your child thought the holiday was all about turkey and stuffing. Things are about to change with this crafty laminated placemat from Momtastic. It’s much more than simple holiday décor—it’s a thoughtful activity that will help the kids think about why they should give thanks today!

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Gorgeous Gourds

Thanksgiving crafts
Design Improvised

You need a Thanksgiving table idea. So you pile on the gourds to add that decorative touch. But wait. Why not let the kids get creative and dress up those plain ol’ gourds? Design Improvised can show you how to turn gourds into adorable little turkeys.

LEGO Tree Craft

Little Bins for Little Hands

Calling all LEGO lovers! Add this fun preschool Thanksgiving table idea to your art repertoire. We guarantee you already have all the supplies you need around the house. The simple steps are perfect for younger ages, plus you get a sweet keepsake of their tiny hands through the years. For the how-to details, visit Little Bins for Little Hands

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