Nutritious, prepared meals directly to your home? Yes, please! These meal delivery services make it easy

Meal delivery is a parent’s best friend, especially this time of year. You can put in as much or as little effort as you’d like and still get dinner that’s mostly homemade on your table (or your lap—let’s be honest!). It’s 2023 and we’re working a lot smarter (and far less hard). We asked the country’s savviest moms to dish on the best meal delivery services so you can find one that’s right for you.

Did we mention most deliver throughout the United States? They’ve figured out how to pack, ship, and deliver your goodies so even when they travel across the country, they can still show up at your door like you swung by the grocery store yourself (which is definitely something we’re trying to cut down on here). Read on for amazing meal planning ideas so you can cut down on the time in the kitchen and spend more time where it counts: with your family.

Bite-Sized Finger Foods for Little Ones Learning to Self-Feed: Nurture Life

Nurture Life

Why we love it: If you're tired of yogurt drops and dinosaur nuggets, Nurture Life is the meal delivery service designed just for babies and toddlers (though the food's good enough for mom and dad, too). 

What makes it unique: Choose from four categories when placing your order: Kid's Meals, Finger Foods, Mighty Bites Snacks, and Smoothies. The kid's meals include tried-and-true favorites like chicken and mac, as well as ones they know are winners with picky eaters like penne bolognese. Finger foods are ideal for little ones who have just progressed beyond purees as they are soft enough to mash, small enough to prevent choking, and easy to pick up. Get your kids hooked on their Mighty Bites Snacks since they look like the cookies cookies but are full of good-for-you ingredients. 

What's the deal? Get 50% off for a limited time.


For a Service That Actually Grows with Your Kids: Little Spoon

Little Spoon

Why we love it: You may know Little Spoon for their direct-to-consumer organic baby food. Good news for parents out of the baby food stage: they also offer Plates—meals for toddlers and big kids. Plates are healthy and nutritious, heat-and-eat meals made with the quality ingredients Little Spoon is known for. Plates has lots of different kiddo-approved recipes with a focus on seasonal, local, and organic ingredients. Dishes include Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs, Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Pot Stickers, and Cauli Croquettes. And, of course, they still offer Babyblends Organic Baby Food.

What makes it unique: Baby food, finger food, big kid meals, snacks—what can't Little Spoon do? From their Babyblends Organic Baby Food, to Biteables Early Finger Food, to Plates Toddler + Kids Meals, to Lunchers Build-and-Eat Meals, to Smoothies Organic Pouches, to Snacks for a junk-free snacktime, Little Spoon grows with your little ones from 6+ months and beyond. It's also perfect for families with multiple kiddos.  

What's the deal? Get 50% off your your first order (up to $40) with code NYE50


If You're Looking for Groceries That Turn into Meals: Hungryroot


Why we love it: Hungryroot is the all-in-one grocery and recipe service. Browse their grocery aisles + their entire recipe catalog (that puts your groceries to delicious use). There are hundreds to choose from, and most of them cook up in as little as 10 minutes. But you're always in control. Take Hungryroot's suggestions, or choose exactly what you want, same as you do when you're grocery shopping at the store. 

What makes it unique: Start by taking the Hungryroot quiz and telling them about yourself (your goals, how many people you're feeding, dietary needs, what you and your family like to eat for dinner). They'll create a cart filled with suggested groceries and recipes that fit your needs. Go ahead and check out, or edit your cart to create a box that works perfectly for you. All of it comes straight to your door.

What's the deal? 30% off + a free gift in every delivery for a limited time.


For Parents Who Want to Expose Little Ones to Big Flavors: Tiny Organics

Five different colored containers from Tiny Organics are filled with meals for children
Tiny Organics

Why we love it: We all want to raise adventurous eaters, but few of us have time to add bold or new dishes to the rotation. Tiny Organics steps in to help make it happen, with the goal of introducing your tot to their 100 first flavors before the age of 2. Their organic, plant-based finger-food blends are just right for littles perfecting their pincer grasp, whether they’re chomping on Coconut Curry, a Baby Burrito Bowl, or a Bananas Foster Breakfast Bowl.

What it costs: 12 meals every one, two, or four weeks/ $4-6 per meal; 24 meals every one, two, or four weeks/ $4.66 per meal. 

What makes it unique: This stuff is serious brain food. Tiny Organics is a member of the Food and Nutrition Innovation Council at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, and all meals were created with input from a team of neonatal nutritionists (as well as a chef).  

What's the deal? Save $20 when you opt for the 24-pack of meals. 


If You Want All Sustainable Ingredients: Sunbasket

Three paper bags lay on a table with carrots, meat and other ingredients spilling out as part of the Sun Basket meal delivery service
Sun Basket

Why we love it: Sunbasket focuses on organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. All meal kit recipes are approved by in-house dietitians to comply with USDA dietary guidelines, and meals are typically between 500 and 800 calories. It offers a good variety for people on specific diets including those following paleo, vegetarian, and gluten-free meal plans. All you need is salt, pepper, and oil—the kit provides the rest, plus step-by-step instructions (and most meals take less than 30 minutes to prepare and cook). You can select two to four recipes per week to feed two to four people. You can also mix and match across meal categories, ensuring there’s something for everyone at your table, whether it’s Spicy Kung Pao Chicken with Cashews and Black Rice or Pappardelle with Pork Sausage, Brussels Sprouts, and Feta.

What makes it unique? Sunbasket ensures their packaging is almost completely recyclable and sources only humanely raised meat. If you like to support companies who “do good always,” Sunbasket could be your jam.

What’s the deal? $90 off across 4 boxes plus free shipping.

For Parents Who Are New to the Meal Plan Game: HelloFresh

Carrots, bell peppers and other chopped vegetables are on a cutting board with utensils next to a recipe from the meal delivery service HelloFresh
Hello Fresh

Why we love it: HelloFresh’s meal kits help you make tasty, satisfying food that’s simple without being boring. Some home cooks find their meals among the least intimidating of all meal delivery services, and dishes like Miso Peach Pork Chops or Eggplant and Creamy Tuscan Spaghetti and Meatballs are just enough out of the ordinary to be interesting without requiring a heroic effort on your part.

What makes it unique? Their back-to-school snack and meal bundles are here to save you from your school lunch rut. The snacks and bundles start as low as $3.99 and are available in HelloFresh’s recently launched HelloFresh Market. 

What’s the deal? Up to $200 off and free breakfast for life when you subscribe.


Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

Martha Stewart stands in the kitchen behind a counter filled with boxes and bags of ingredients for her meal delivery service Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon
Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

Why we love it: This cook-at-home food delivery service partnered with Martha Stewart is here to help harried families discover their inner Martha. The menu features 29 choices every week and the website tags meals as family-friendly, vegan, vegetarian, and other categories. Favorites include Sheet Pan Fish Tacos and Cheesy Butternut Squash Gnocchi. The website provides big, colorful step-by-step photos for careless cooks and kids who want to help. 

What's the deal? Up to $235 off your first five boxes.


For Plant-Based Dinners: Purple Carrot

Cauliflower, green beans and beets sit prepared on a plate from Purple Carrot meal delivery service

Why we love it: Purple Carrot’s recipes are entirely plant-based, and their team chooses meals for you, eliminating the need for you to log in by a certain date to make your own choices. Plus, they put an innovative spin on plant-based meals with dishes like Spicy Mango Tempeh with Roasted Broccoli Flatbreads with Cashew Cheese and Arugula.

What makes it unique? Don't want to cook? They have prepared meals as well!

What’s the deal? $100 off your first four boxes.


For Families Short on Time: Gobble

Tacos with avocado and cabbage from Gobble meal delivery service are prepared on a plate

Why We Love It: Parents rave that Gobble is the fastest and tastiest meal delivery service out there. They feature DIY dinner kits that cook in three steps and under 15 minutes (many of them in one pan). Gobble takes the prep work out by providing pre-cooked sauces, grains, pasta, pre-chopped ingredients, and/or pre-sliced vegetables and meat. It's currently available in all of the continental US except Montana.

What Makes It Unique: Watching your weight? There are also 15-minute lean and clean recipes that are 600 calories or less, low carb, and feature lean proteins and no filler grains.

What's the deal? Get your first 6 meals for $36.


For OG Reliability: Blue Apron

A plate of coconut rice from meal delivery service Blue Apron is prepared on a plate
Blue Apron

Why we love it: Blue Apron pioneered the concept of sending a week’s worth of meals to your doorstep in an effort to get more people cooking by removing many hassles of meal prep. Their years of experience mean they know what they’re doing and their large size also means they’re able to take some innovative, high-tech steps to shape how food is grown, harvested, and distributed.

What makes it unique? With a decade of deliveries, Blue Apron is pretty much a sure bet for delicious meals with stellar instructions. And you might just up your cooking game while you're at it!

What’s the deal? Up to 25 free meals across 6 orders plus free shipping on the first order.

For Parents Making Specific Eating Choices: Green Chef

Green Chef meal delivery services
Green Chef

Why we love it: Whatever dietary choices you’re making at home, Green Chef has a plan for you. Meal plans include Keto, Vegetarian, Quick & Easy, Protein-Packed, Mediterranean, and Gluten Free. Plus, it’s easy to whip up the meals after a busy day because each recipe and kit bag are color-coded, so you’ll know what to grab from the fridge.

Why it’s unique: Besides offering such a diverse range of dietary preferences, it was the first and only Keto-approved meal delivery service. And, the meals come with one-of-a-kind sauces that add diverse flavors to the meals.

What's the deal? Get $250 off and free shipping on the first box.


For Parents who Love to Plan Ahead: Home Chef

A photo of Teriyaki Ginger-Glazed Salmon next to vegetables on a plate sits beside other packages from meal delivery service Home Chef
Home Chef

Why we love it: With lots of tasty meal choices and customization options, Home Chef meal delivery service appeals to busy moms and picky eaters alike. Choose from meal kits like Pork and Guacamole Tostadas, Gouda Truffle Fondue Beef Burgers, or Chile Lime Butter Mahi-Mahi. You pick the serving size, meal frequency, and your family’s eating style (omnivore, meat eaters, pescatarian, etc.). We like that Home Chef specifies how long each meal kit will take to make and that you can specify if you are calorie- or carb-conscious. 

What makes it unique? With meal options, delivery-day options, and the ability to add on meals, cooked proteins, and treats like smoothies and fresh fruit, Home Chef is a winner for new moms. Menus are set five weeks in advance so you can plan out your meals for weeks at a time.

What’s the deal? $30 off your first order and $10 off your second.

Vegetarian Can Be Tasty with Veestro

Why we love it: How about 100 percent plant-based, organic, non-GMO, chef-prepared entrees, soups, and juices that just show up at your front door whenever you want them to? Then look no further than Veestro.

There are no, zero, zilch animal products of any kind here, ever! Chick'n Nuggets with chipotle dipping sauce complete with veganaise will do the trick every time for your kiddos and no one will miss the meat. Veestro food is available a la carte and they also carry a surprisingly delicious weight loss menu plan. As with most vegetarian cuisine: most meals have nuts in them so be careful with a nut allergy, but all meals are completely dairy-free and don't contain other allergens.

What's the deal:? $25 off your first two orders


For Easy School Lunches: Yumble


Why we love it: Yumble has kid friendly cuisine down to a science. The New York-based company (which now ships nationwide) specializes in ready-to-pack lunches that kids won't trade in the cafeteria. PB&J croissants, mac and cheese, pizza—the stuff they usually ask for that we don't always have time to whip up and pack—delivered ready to grab-and-go.

What makes it unique: Complete your lunch by selecting 2 sides from Yumble's range of fruit or veggie inspired options, and don't forget to add a snack. Oh, and did we mention there's no refrigeration required? How easy is that?

What's the deal? Free shipping on all orders


If You Want to Start Eating Healthier: Freshology

Low-calorie meat and sides from the diet meal delivery service Freshology is arranged on a white plate.

Why we love it: Long for the microwave dinners of the old days—without the "Guess That Meat" flavor of your high school cafeteria? Freshology—also called Diet To Go—delivers chef-prepared meals, ready to reheat and eat. Freshology drops tasty, calorie-controlled, already-prepared dishes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks) onto your doorstep. They’re all about helping you discover nutritious and affordable meals that’ll help you lose weight or support your healthy lifestyle. 

What makes it unique: There's a variety of menus, including Keto-friendly, vegetarian, and diabetes-friendly. This gives “heat and eat” a whole new meaning.

What's the deal? Save 20% on your first week. 


For Meals That Cook Themselves: Tovala

Someone holds a plate of salmon and veggies from the meal delivery service Tovala and prepares to place it in the service’s signature Smart Oven.

Why we love it: Tovala is perfect for the non-chef or new mama because it literally requires one minute of prep and no cutting or chopping. Order your meals (or even shop like normal), then use the signature Smart Oven to completely cook your meal to perfection. Meals cook in 20 minutes or less and you can choose from tons of options, with 14 new items being added every week.

What makes it unique: No other meal delivery services offer the ability to cook on their own! The Tovala Smart Oven allows you to scan meal cards or regular grocery store codes and then cooks each item accordingly. Currently, you can scan more than 750 grocery items from brands like Annie's, Pillsbury, and Dr. Praeger's, and use it to steam, toast, bake, and broil.

What's the deal? Save $200 during their Holiday Sale. 


For Plant-Based Meals That Actually Taste Great: Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon

Why we love it: Splendid Spoon’s meals and smoothies come ready to eat (absolutely no meal prep here!). Their delicious plant-based meals are a great opportunity to integrate more plants into your diet without the hassle of recipe research or multiple trips to the store. Everything on their menu is vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free, and tastes 100 percent delicious. 

What parents are saying: You won’t be bored with Splendid Spoon’s variety. They offer a rotating menu of 40+ ready-to-eat smoothies, soups, and grain bowls. Meals are customizable and we love that they’re delivered cold to your door (read: if you’re at the office or out and aren’t home to accept delivery, the package won’t spoil right away). While there’s no dedicated kids’ menu, the meals and smoothies are kid-friendly. You may even get your kids to try a new flavor combo!

What's the Deal? First-time subscribers receive $105 off their first three boxes


For Dinner Everyone Will Eat: EveryPlate


Why we love it: HelloFresh’s latest meal delivery service is one of the newest and most affordable on the market and offers simple meals with wholesome ingredients that are totally appealing to families. Choose from 26 different recipes that change every week and include offerings like herb-crusted parmesan chicken, chicken, bacon, and gouda sandwiches, and sweet-soy glazed meatballs. If you're looking for something specific, they divide the meals into categories: spicy, vegetarian, family friendly, and customer favorites. There's even an option to choose add-ons like garlic bread, Caesar salad, and white cheddar mac and cheese.

What parents are saying: While there’s no dedicated kids’ menu, each meal (chicken sausage soup with couscous, dijon butter steak, and linguine Italiano are examples) is very kid friendly.

What's the deal? You can click on the "mystery box" to unlock a deal, and meals start at $5, so overall, it's a winner



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