The petite party circuit is in full swing, and in order to help you out, we’ve carefully curated 20 unique party favors that all kids will love. From sparkly lights that’ll give their bike a fun glow to doughnut-shaped crayons that look good enough to eat, pick out your favorites below, and make your celebration the pint-sized party of the year.

Forest Friends Masks

Lilly and the Bee

After having a wild time with all your little party animals, send them home with these animal masks as favors. Made of sturdy felt, Lilly and the Bee's adorable forest friends masks will make a great addition to kids' dress-up bins.

Available at Etsy seller Lilly and the Bee, $13.99 for 7.

Seed Bombs

Renaissance Botanical

Packed with seeds for flowers that will attract birds and butterflies, seed bombs make for a beautiful party favor. The dense balls are a mix of seeds and other natural ingredients and come with instructions so kids will know how to make their gardens grow.

Available from Etsy seller Renaissance Botanical, $39 for 30.

Crazy Putty Party


Eight different mini tins of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty will delight eight different party guests. Kids love to stretch, squish and twist this putty, whether they have a glow-in-the-dark or heat-changing hyper color tin.

Available at Amazon, $29.95 for 8.

Classic Yo-Yos

I Used to Be a Tree

Don't want to pass out more plastic? These simple, sleek wooden yo-yos are ready for painting and playing. They make a unique party favor that kids will keep around.

Available at Etsy seller I Used to Be a Tree, $24 for 12.

Animals of the World Stickers

Chronicle Books

Ten feet of stickers, ten hours of fun. Mudpuppy's Animals of the World Sticker Roll features little ones' favorite animals, ready to peel and stick all over the place.

Available at, $4.99.

Little Golden Books


Make new friends—book friends that is—with Little Golden Books. Send home classics like The Shy Little Kitten or the Pokey Little Puppy with your party guests. It's one uniquely bookish party favor that kids and parents will love.

Available at Amazon, from $4.08.



Everything is awesome, especially some LEGO Minifigure party favors. Each bag contains one of 20 Minifigures from The LEGO Movie 2. If your kid's more into Hogwarts than Emmet and Lucy, pass out Harry Potter LEGO Minifigures instead.

Available at Lego, $3.99.

Ice Cream Poppers

Oh Happy Day

Kids will scream for these ice cream shooter party favors. These retro toys pack a lot of fun in a tiny, delicious-looking package.

Available at Oh Happy Day, $8 for 8.

Rainbow Lollipops

Dylan's Candy Bar

Give your guests a sugar rush with a Whirly Pop from Dylan's Candy Bar. Even Willy Wonka himself would be impressed by this giant candy confection.

Available at Dylan's Candy Bar $12 for 4.

Birthday Cake Slime

The Sweet Slime Factory

Make it a batch of scented Birthday Cake Slime with extra sprinkles, please. Available in sizes from two to eight ounces, it's an ooey-gooey favor all kids will adore.

Available from Etsy seller the Sweet Slime Factory, from $4.50.

Sidewalk Chalk


Multicolored chalk from Yoobi makes every sidewalk drawing a masterpiece. With three pieces per set, this chalk is a fantastic, artsy party favor.

Available at Yoobi, $1.99.

Mini Playing Cards

Bicycle Playing Cards

This party favor is for the dogs—and dog-lovers. The small size of these decks (and the price) from Bicycle Cards make them a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Available at Bicycle Cards, $.50.

Silly String

Silly String

What kid doesn't love Silly String? As a party favor, Silly String brings the fun home for all of your little one's buddies.

Available at Target, $7.50 for 3.

Fruit-Scented Erasers

Everything Smells

There's no mistaking it: these fruit-scented icy pop erasers are extra cool. Plus, they're puzzles that kids will have fun taking apart and putting back together again. 

Available from Everything Smells, $3.

Donut Crayons

Krazy Kool Krayons

Get a party favor to match that doughnut cake. These round, chunky crayons are easy for little hands to hold, and, when paired with a notepad, make for a delicious party treat to take home.

Available from Etsy seller Krazy Kool Krayons, $8 for 8.

Tic Tac Toe to Go

Bella and Kate Designs

Send your party guests off with a game. These tic tac toe sets come in canvas bags that can be customized to fit with your party theme, or with guests' names. It's a fun, unique favor that kids will reuse again and again.

Available from Etsy seller Bella and Kate Designs, $5


Bike Lights


Keep all the kids in your neighborhood safe for twilight bike rides with a color-changing LED bike light. The lights securely attach to bicycle wheels and have three different twinkling, super-bright modes. These party favors are sure to light up the night!

Available from Etsy seller Happium, $4.40 for two

Birthday Cake Bath Bombs

Simply AC Boutique

Your birthday party will last all the way until bath time, thanks to these birthday cake bath bombs. In bright yellow, they fizz and bubble once in the tub. Just add water!

Available from Etsy seller Simply AC Boutique, $26 for 10


Zing Air

Zing Air's Big-A-Bubbles makes it easy for preschoolers to create bubbles with a wave of their hands. All they need to do is put on the included glove, dip it in the bubble solution, and whirl around. They're a unique twist on giving bubbles for a party favor. 

Available at Target, $1.99.

Tattly Tattoos


This pack of eight mischievous monsters will please even the toughest crowd. Made by Tattly, specialists in unique nontoxic tattoos that you won't find anywhere else, these little guys will stick around after application for two to four days.

Available at Tattly, $15 for 8.




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