16 Genius Gadgets That’ll Make Travel with Kids a Breeze (Promise!)

It’s no newsflash that traveling with kids can be a challenge, especially during the holidays. Before you get too worked up about that upcoming long-haul flight or road trip with kids, we’ve compiled a list of great travel gear for families that will make getting from Point A to Point B easier, safer and hopefully, more fun! From carry-on cases that double as strollers to disposable covers that sanitize airplane trays, these are some of our travel favorites.

Skyroam Solis X WiFi Smartspot


You can say goodbye to doling out major cash for everyone to have cellular plans on their devices for travel purposes. In 2019, Skyroam launched its best hotspot yet. The device now includes WiFi, a charging station, a remote camera with live streaming capabilities, and on top of all that—it’s a smart assistant. Perfect for on-the-go parents, it can be shared across up to 10 other devices for a rate as low as $9 a day, and although it doesn’t work on airplanes or cruise ships far out to sea (it uses cellular towers to connect), since it has a network of over 200 carrier partners, if there’s a cell signal, you’ll have a WiFi signal; the device switches from the strongest connection to another. So when your AT&T signal isn’t working, Skyroam most likely will. The best part? It works in 130 countries, which means global travel has never been easier. Online: skyroam.com, rates start at $8.99 per day.

The Armrest Buddy by Roamwild


To any parent who has been on a flight with an exhausted kid, we say: get thee an Arm Rest Buddy. Not only are they cute as a button, but they are also a 3-in-1 product: sweet travel plushie, a cozy blanket and—the best part—a travel pillow that slips on the armrest of an airplane. The blanket fits inside the plushie when not in use, and it all squishes down into your backpack (or your kiddos arms) with ease.

James Thorn, Head of Design at Roamwild and previously a senior product engineer at Dyson, came up with the idea. “We were on the way back from Spain, and my youngest refused to wear the travel neck pillow we bought for the trip. I spent most of the flight with my head in my hands—but the good news is, it prompted me to come up with the Armrest Buddy."

Cost: $19.99

Online: homgar-usa.com

Go Happy Travel Tray

Go Happy Kids

If you've ever watched your little jet-setter try to play with her toys on an airplane, you know all too well the pain of collecting LEGO or crayons from a dirty plane floor. Enter the Go Happy Kids Tray, a strap-on tray that keeps tray tables covered and toys (hopefully) off the ground. The tray has a raised border on all sides to keep sippy cups, LEGO, crayons, etc., from rolling right off mid-flight, and the grippy tray bottom keeps the whole thing from sliding. The Go Happy tray also solves the problem of your child eating snacks straight from the dirty tray table. It can also be used on laps, which means it's just as useful at your final destination as it is on the journey.

Cost: $39.50

Online: gohappykids.com

JetKids BedBox


Got a long flight planned? Maybe you really need to do the red-eye, but the thought of traveling with restless toddlers has stopped you? It doesn’t have to anymore! The JetKids by STOKKE Bedbox is a ride-on suitcase that converts into a bed in a regular coach seat. Seriously! If you’ve got a baby or toddler, the lay-flat bed feature of the BedBox makes it totally worth the price. For older kids, stick with the basic "Ridebox" (it's the same suitcase; it just doesn't have the bed converting apparatus inside), which will give your kids a set of wheels (and a suitcase) to zip around the airport. Kids can safely use the ride-on until they're about 77 lbs. Read our review of the JetKids BedBox here.

Cost: $149 for the JetKids Ridebox (which doesn't have the lay-flat airplane bed option); $199 for the Bedbox (which is a ride-on suitcase with the bed)

Online: jet-kids.com

diono Traverze Super Compact Stroller


Strollers are crucial for transporting small tots around your chosen destination (and can be nice for whizzing around the airport), but they can be so darn heavy! This stylish lightweight stroller weighs less than 13 lbs, it's got a telescopic pull-handle (just like your luggage), a reclining seat and a one-touch break—plus, it's super-stylish and comes in 12 different colors. It's a perfect "to-go" stroller for when you don't want to bring your "big" wheels on a trip but do want the luxury of pushing your child around.

Cost: $199 and up.

Online: us.diono.com

Zinc Flyte


Is it a suitcase or a scooter? It’s both! For any parent who has ever had to lug their own child’s suitcase because he is just “too tired,” and for any parent who has felt that fear of missing the flight because of the snail’s pace of airport walking: the Zinc Flyte is your new favorite thing. It comes in three sizes: the mini for ages two to four, the midi for ages four to eight and the soon-to-be-released maxi for ages eight and up. The best part? It actually makes travel even more fun for kids! We can actually see this becoming a thing for kids who walk to school each day. Learn more about it here.

Cost: $79.99 and up

Online: amazon.com

SterilStay In-Flight Essentials Kit


You probably know all about all those microscopic yuckies flying alongside you in an airplane, and all we can say is—Ew. You can make things a little less icky by keeping the surfaces around you clean. These handy little kits include three antibacterial wipes for hands and surfaces (armrests, tray tables, air vents, etc.), a seat pocket/tray table protection bag (to cover the seat-back tray before you eat on it!), and a headrest cover. Toss a few of them in your carry-on bag and hope that all you'll catch is your flight. 

Cost: $5.69

Online: amazon.com

Kids FlySafe Safety Harness


You have a special seat for your kiddo in the car, why not extend that to the airplane? The Kids FlySafe Safety Harness keeps young children buckled up safely with the same sort of four-point harness used in baby and toddler car seats. Consequently, it keeps kids from sliding out of their seats during unexpected bumps—and it can help kids feel more secure in the air (which means they may actually sleep on the flight!). Plus, the whole thing weighs less than a pound and fits in your purse when not in use.

Note: The FlySafe works for kids that weight between 22 and 44 lbs. and who are at least one year old.

Cost: $74.95 (on the Kids Fly Safe site)

Online: kidsflysafe.com

RELAY Kid Phone Alternative


Getting to your gate on time can be stressful enough, let alone worrying about whether your little traveler is going to wander away amid the busy airport crowds. The Relay is a cell phone alternative that helps your kids stay in touch should they stray while you're out and about. The stylish, screen-free device works like a walkie-talkie—you just push a button and talk—but it uses cellular and wireless signals, so you don't have to stay within reach of each other to get a signal. It's fun (this writer loved it), and kids will love being able to run around while staying in touch. And, no need to worry about clumsy little hands: it was made to be drop proof, so hand it over to your little one, and give her a little bit of freedom.

Cost: $99 for one relay; $149 for two; $199 for three (plus a $6.99 per month cell charge).

Online: relaygo.com

Micro Kickboard Luggage Eazy

Melissa Heckscher

Want to give your toddler a fun way to speed around the airport—without the need for a stroller? Try this nifty invention that makes getting kids to your gate on time way cooler than walking. The Luggage Eazy carry-on (made by the same company that makes Micro scooters) is just like a regular roller suitcase—with one big difference: The top of the case has a built-in seat, so your child can hop on and catch a ride whenever you want to get things going. Rolling your tot around like luggage is way easier than you'd think, thanks to the tripod-style swivel (third) wheel that pops out from the back when your child wants to use the seat. There's also an easy place for your child to prop her feet so that she's perfectly balanced, with no dangling limbs, while in motion.

Note: The seat is designed to fit kids from 18 months to four years old.

Cost: $179.99

Online: microkickboard.com/luggage-eazy

Airplane Busy Boxes

MeghansCraftKits via Etsy

If you're wondering what the heck you're going to do with your small child on a long flight (besides give them an iPad, of course), you might want to stock up on"busy boxes" filled with activities, crafts and games to keep your antsy little travelers busy while they fly. And while you could hit the Dollar Store and make one yourself, we love this one from Etsy that comes filled with individually packaged surprises that will knock off at least two hours of your flying time. The box we sampled came with beads to string, glue-on paper rainbows, Play-Doh and more. If anything, just unwrapping each surprise (this kit used Easter eggs instead of wrapping paper) works to kill time. 

Cost: $30

Online: etsy.com

Mifold & Hifold Travel Booster Seats


Want to travel with your toddler but NOT your toddler's bulky toddler car seat? The hifold by mifold car seat is here to help. The hifold is a high-back booster seat that folds down small enough to fit in a small carry bag. Not only is it "the most compact, lightweight highback booster ever," it also meets worldwide safety standards and complies with car seat regulations worldwide. The only bad news? It's only available for pre-order and isn't expected to ship until March of 2019. 

In the meantime, if you’ve got older kids—at least four years of age and weighing 40 lbs or more—the mifold the Grab-and-Go Booster is still a great option and is available now. It folds up to roughly the size of a paperback novel (not kidding about this at all—it is 10x smaller than the average booster and just as safe) and can tuck right into your suitcase or purse. It’s tested and meets regulatory approval in the U.S., U.K. and most other countries. We like it for those times when the rental car seat fails or you’re just not sure who is picking you up at the airport! Learn more here.

Cost: The hifold sells (pre-order) for $125 on Indiegogo; the mifold costs $44.99 and is available on the mifold site or on amazon

Online: mifold.com

CozyPhones Headphones

Melissa Heckscher

Headphones are essential for any flight, but what are kids to do when their free airplane earbuds keep falling out of—or not fitting into—their tiny ear canals? Try a pair of CozyPhones! These fleece-encased headphones look like wraparound ear muffs and keep the small speakers right on top of your tot's ears without sliding out or falling off—and without getting so loud the music hurts her eardrums. Plus, they're super comfy (kids can fall asleep without that bulky push of plastic headphones), come in a variety of animal-themed designs, and will keep your kids a little warmer on those long chilly flights. And, they come in grown-up versions, too!

Psst: If your kids are fans of Chase and Skye, check out Cozyphone's new Paw Patrol-themed headbands

Cost: $17.97 

Online: amazon.com 

JL Childress Spinner Wheelie Deluxe Car Seat Travel Bag

J.L. Childress

Lugging a traditional toddler car seat through the airport can be a workout—and checking your beloved seat with your luggage leaves it open to scratches, dings and grime from who-knows-what it may encounter in transit. Not with the Spinner Wheelie Deluxe Car Seat Travel Bag, which works as both an easy roller and protective cover for your kid's car seat. You'll glide through airports, train stations and cruise terminals with ease thanks to the bag's unique combination of full padding and 360-degree spinner wheels. And, if you're checking the car seat, the bag will protect your child’s car seat from damage, dirt, moisture and germs. Additional features include a top carry handle and a clear ID card pocket.

Note: The Spinner Wheelie was designed to fit almost all brands and styles of convertible car seats, booster seats and infant car seats.

Cost: $69

Online: walmart.com

Maxporter II Trunk from Traveler's Choice

Traveler's Choice

Traveling with kids can be tricky, especially if you are planning an international or multi-week trip. Sometimes it's easier to pack everyone's gear into one piece of luggage so you can keep your other hands free to juggle kid gear like car seats and strollers. The Maxporter II by Traveler's Choice is a 31-inch trunk on wheels and it offers adjustable compartments so that each person's belonging can remain separate and tidy. It's still fairly light at 12.52 lbs. when empty so you can keep it under the airline's weight limits. The rounded-T handle makes it easy to maneuver through crowded city streets and airports. 

Cost: $199.99

Online: travelerchoice.com

—Melissa Heckscher, Gabby Cullen & Amber Guetebier

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