Whether you’re buried in a few feet of snow or just watching Frosty the Snowman on repeat, bring the wintry weather into your kitchen by whipping up some snowman-inspired treats. We’ve even got a recipe for the hot chocolate bomb that’s all the rage this year. Scroll down to get inspired—your little snow bunnies will love munching on these adorable snacks.

Melting Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs


Unless you've been living under a pile of snow, you likely know that hot chocolate bombs are all the rage this year. Julie Blanner has a hot chocolate bomb recipe that's super easy to execute and guaranteed to delight the kids. 

Snowman Sushi

Busy in Brooklyn

We love these little sushi snowmen from Busy in Brooklyn. With a seaweed scarf, a wasabi beret and (of course) a carrot nose, they’ll be a fantastic addition to your table. 

Snowman Cookie Dough Truffles

Sarah's Bake Studio

For an indulgent treat, try these cute cookie dough bites from Sarah’s Bake Studio. Dipped in white chocolate and decorated to look like a smiling snowman, they’re quick to make and sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Cheesy Melting Snowman


Take a boring old bowl of soup to the next level with this amazing idea from Spice Up Your Life with a Taste of Japan. Made with a simple chowder base (which could be swapped out for your favorite soup recipe), the cheesy snowman topping becomes the star of the show. 

Snowman Marshmallow Hot Cocoa Toppers

The Suburban Soapbox

How adorable are these snowman marshmallows from The Suburban Soapbox? These little guys will be the perfect topper for your cup of cocoa, and the kids can help decorate them with smiling faces. 

Snowball Cookies

Dear Crissy

Keep it simple (but still snowy) by making these delish cookies from Dear Crissy. Also known as Mexican wedding cakes or Russian tea cakes, they’re smothered in powdered sugar to make a super indulgent treat.

Ranch Snowman Cheeseball

Baking Beauty

This appetizer from Baking Beauty is the perfect way to feed a crowd. Everyone will love spreading the cheesy goodness on crackers and pretzels. 

Snowmen Cake Pops

52 Kitchen Adventures

We can’t resist a good cake pop, and this snowman variety from 52 Kitchen Adventures is no exception. Made with a vanilla cake base, coated in creamy white chocolate and topped off with edible ink decorations, these cuties are bound to be a kid-favorite. 

Snowman Lunch

Lisa Storms

Your little ones will love finding this snowy surprise from Lisa Storms in their lunchbox. A simple sandwich becomes a snowman face, a few marshmallows and pretzels transform into snowmen and some extra “noses” on the side round the meal out. 

—Susie Foresman



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