The Day I Realized Why I Shouldn’t Silence My Daughter

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Open hole in Earth now and allow me to be sucked in please, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY.

“Were you all just talking about how pretty I am?”

The words hung in the air like a cartoon balloon over her head. Everyone chuckled the way people do when a child says something that’s inappropriate or uncomfortable and you need something to fill the space.

It’s always the mother.

The sucky, indulgent mother who made her daughter’s head too big. She’s so full of herself she dares to proclaim her beauty audibly!

So I said, full of panic and discomfort, “Middle school will straighten her out. Don’t worry.”


“Were you all just talking about how pretty I am?”

No, Lucy, we weren’t. But go ahead ask and make us all squirm. The world is going to try hard to mute this voice of yours. It will try and teach you all sorts of rules about being a girl. Ignore them.

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I'm a mom of teenagers.  I cry.  A lot.  I also laugh when I'm too tired to cry.  So basically, I'm always either crying or laughing.  I can find the humor in most everything...except (fill in with whatever you find upsetting).  Just want to make you laugh.