The LEGO House opened its doors on September 28, and if you aren’t already in the loop, allow us to introduce you! Located in Billund, Denmark (aka the global headquarters of LEGO), we’ve got the scoop on this amazing new and oh-so-chic immersive LEGO experience that should officially go on your bucket list now. Read on for photos of what it looks like, and why you should make the trek! 

A collab between LEGO and Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, the entire building is an interactive place where you can build and play all day. There is a LEGO museum, a hands-on play area, a LEGO store and a display area for fans to show off their own creations. The House itself looks like 21 giant white bricks, stacked on each other as if it were being built of bricks. Here’s what’s inside! 

Upon entering the LEGO House a sea of LEGO bricks greets the kids and there are color-themed zones, each with a different theme. For example, the Red Zone is all about creativity and motion. Kids can don a lab coat and enter the lab where a teacher will help you build the LEGO creation of your dreams.

The Yellow Zone is set up for kids to play with emotions, with fun projects aimed at teaching kids to express, understand and regulate emotions. Create sea creatures, critters and their environments, and “plant” a LEGO flower garden.

The Blue Zone focuses on logic, showing kids how to solve complex problems, find solutions and learn new things through Robo Lab, City Architect, and gravity-defying vehicles in Test Driver. The Green Zone teaches kids to become great communicators and work on social skill building and awareness through LEGO fun like Character Creator, World Explorer and the Story Lab!

The Masterpiece Gallery showcases the creativity of the LEGO community. Build your masterpiece, whether it’s a famous person or place or outstanding work of brick, this gallery of human invention will be jaw-dropping (and your piece might be showcased too!)

There’s even a jaw-dropping LEGO tree, dubbed the Tree of Creativity. At nearly 50 ft. tall, it’s one of the largest LEGO structures ever built.  It took 6,316,611 standard LEGO bricks and 24,350 hours to assemble, and it’s packed with fun details and surprises.

In addition to the experience areas, the roof has a free interactive play area and there are three on-site restaurants. Check out the footage above of the Family Restaurant’s LEGO robots!!! Currently, the ticketed areas are listed with admission of about $32 USD per person. To learn more about the LEGO House and pre-book tickets, visit the website and watch our site for more info as it becomes available!


Are you excited about this new LEGO destination? Will you make the trek?

—Amber Guetebier

all photos and videos courtesy The LEGO Group

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