This Ingenious Hack Will Get the Knots Out of Your Necklaces FAST

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photo: Shahrzad Warkentin

How many times have you let your little ones into your jewelry box for dress up play just to end up with the entire contents jumbled together in one giant knot? We’ve all got better things to do than untangling our chains knot-by-knot, which is why we loved this ingenious hack. Check it out below.

As the ingenious video illustrates, all you need is a little lubricant to make untangling a breeze. Coconut oil, olive oil, or any other oil from the back of your pantry will do. By rubbing a small amount of oil on just the tangled part, you can easily manipulate the knot using two needles or the opened end of two safety pins. The trick is to lay it out in a flat surface as you work to loosen the tension of the knot.

Check out the video to see the steps in action. And if for some reason the magic fails you, there’s always that rainbow colored macaroni necklace that will pair perfectly with just about anything in your closet!