Once upon a time, kiddos practiced tying their shoes well before starting kindergarten. But then came Velcro. And kids swapped tying their shoes for pulling their Velcro straps. Easy. Right? Well, at some point kids need to tie their shoes. That is, unless your little one wants to head off to college in Velcro sneakers (hint: they don’t).

One five-year-old boy gained internet fame with his super-simple shoe-tying trick. If your child isn’t taking to tying like a pro, you need to check this out.

To start with, shoe-tying isn’t easy. It may seem like second nature to you. But to your child, it’s a totally foreign idea. Add in still-immature fine motor skills, and you can see how this seemingly simple activity can feel like an Olympic-level challenge to a young child.

When Ashley Lillard posted a video on Facebook of her son Colton tying his shoes, it quickly went viral. Even though there are plenty of people praising the easy-to-follow tutorial, Colton admits that it wasn’t exactly his idea. The little boy credits his friend River for coming up with the shoe-tying trick!

––Erica Loop

photo: iStock



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