This Awesome Kit Will Make Learning At Home Much Easier (And Fun!)

If you’re like most parents, you’ve heard the phrase “I’m bored!” a lot over the past few days. But boredom doesn’t have to be a daily occurrence in your house. KiwiCo creates interactive crates that are both entertaining and educational, and keep kids engaged without screens. They’re perfect for learning at home and staying indoors.

Every month, KiwiCo delivers a craft kit that includes different activities and projects. KiwiCo has eight unique subscription lines​ to fit different ages and interests, and each kit is designed by experts and tested by kids. So if you have an 8-year-old budding Picasso artists, rest assured another young artist helped test every activity in the crate to make sure they are engaging and fun. Let’s face it— what’s the point of having an enriching project if the kid doesn’t want to do it? And the best part? All of the materials are provided in each crate. So busy parents don’t have to make dozens of trips to the store to buy craft supplies.

Here are the different crates available and their themes:

Panda Crate (0 – 24 months) — Even the littlest minds can explore and discover with this kit that includes age-appropriate kit subscription options.

Koala Crate (2 -4 years) — Kids will play and learn with high-quality materials and activities to inspire creativity at a young age.

Kiwi Crate (5-8 years) — This kit is focused on science, art and engineering. Kids create their own pinball game, kits and more.

Atlas Crate (6-11 years) — This geography and culture kit helps kids get globally inspired with projects and activities to explore different cultures. The Atlas Adventure books comes with the crate and includes collectible cards and stickers for a passport keepsake book.

Doodle Crate (9 – 16+ years) — Kids create and craft awesome projects such as a DIY clock, soap and stained glass stencil kits.

Tinker Crate (9 – 16+ years) — This awesome create includes all the materials and supplies to create science and engineering projects. Kids learn and make the science of slime and create their own animation.

Maker Crate (14+  years) — Using art and design, kids create amazing projects that are unique and useful. Past projects include pillows, hanging plants and sewing projects.

Eureka Crate (14+  years) — This kit includes an engineering project with high-quality materials and step-by-step instructions. Kids also receive a Maker’s Guide that lets them explore the science and technology behind the design.

How does KiwiCo work?

To order your KiwiCo crate, here’s what you need to do:

1. Pick a line based on your kiddo’s age and stage.

2. Your crate will be delivered monthly. And your first kit is shipped in two days! And you pay no shipping fees.

3. Have fun! Watch your kiddo enjoy their create and see their imagination grow as they start exploring immediately.

You also have the option to skip the subscription and shop directly from the KiwiCo store.

Ready to give KiwiCo a try? You can cancel or pause your subscription anytime. Save 30% on your first crate with code REDTRI!

—Leah R. Singer


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