Learning to ride a bike is such an exciting rite of passage. But it may not be quite as dreamy actually teaching your kid how to balance on two wheels. This life skill opens a whole new outdoor world for kids but also can lead to scrapes, bruised limbs and bruised egos. Maybe it’s something best left to the experts? This camp dedicated exclusively to bike riding, Pedalheads, has taught over 500,000 kids to ride with confidence! Pedalheads offers learn-to-ride summer bike camps best known for helping kids ages 3-12 get off training wheels and riding safely on the road or trail. Read on to discover five reasons why this camp is the most excellent way for your kids to learn how to ride!

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1. It's Safe

It can be challenging to find activities that are active, social, yet socially distant. Pedalheads checks all the boxes with their bike camps. Their COVID safety record is solid, with a successful health and safety plan implemented in 2020 that resulted in zero cases of COVID-19 transmission across their 120 locations across North America. To continue to ensure the health and safety of all camp participants, they have implemented a robust COVID-19 safety plan for this year, including physical distancing, small and stable classes with the same instructor, enhanced cleaning procedures, health checks and more. Kids are mostly on their bikes, creating further social distancing between kids and groups, so it's ideal.


2. It Builds Confidence + Independence

Kids and adults of all ages love bike riding: The wind in your hair! The pure joy! The freedom! Bonus: Learning to ride provides a sense of accomplishment, confidence and independence. Pedalheads is committed to helping your child develop not only the skill of biking but also boosting their self-confidence through fun, safe and engaging instruction—hey, they've been teaching since 1995! Their bike camps give kids an opportunity to increase strength, improve skills and for the younger ones, get off their training wheels and into believing in themselves. All that from a bike camp? You bet.


3. Road or Trail: Choose Your Adventure

Pedalheads Trail is a unique program perfect for kids four and up who are already riding without training wheels but not yet ready to go on the road—or for those looking for a bit more adventure. Kids will explore local bike trails and continue to develop their biking skills by riding on different surfaces, handling steep hills and progressing on to more challenging trails. Since adventure and safety are top priorities at Pedalheads, kids will also learn about biking safety and bike maintenance skills that they'll keep with them throughout their lives.

(Pedalheads Trail is available in select locations within Chicago, Denver, Portland, and Seattle Metro.)


4. Adaptable + Flexible (for Them + You)

Pedalheads camps have busy parents in families in mind. They offer lots of options to get your kid's bottom on that bike seat! They offer week-long bike camps that run from Monday-Friday. There are half-day or all-day camps, 1.5-hour tots classes, 50-minute private lessons and before & after-care options. Peadalheads has been doing this long enough to know that kids' comfort level on a bike varies and that practice (and confidence-boosting) makes perfect. They can start where they need to and strengthen their skills with a progression of six skill levels to choose from. 


5. Learning a Skill They’ll Actually Use

We all want to keep our kids active, happy and safe. Parents across the country have been trusting Pedalheads to teach their kids biking skills since 1995. They help parents save themselves the back pain of teaching their kids how to ride. With their incredible team of instructors, some kids even learn by the second day! Not to mention, they also teach the rules of the road for bike riders, so you don’t have to wing it, moms and dads. Bike riding is a super-fun skill they will use for the rest of their lives and Pedalheads makes sure their experience is ideal for instilling the confidence and know-how to have fun and be safe on two wheels—register today!

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 —Jamie Aderski



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