As a parent, life can be… hectic. To say the least. Being a solo parent myself means double the chaos (or at least it sure feels that way many days). Running from school drop-off, to work, to pick-up, and then to every sport that ever existed for kids means that most nights I find myself chanting through the next day’s to-do list on repeat in my head until sleep finally comes my way.

We’ve experienced so many huge changes over the last few years, and being a parent trying to navigate through it all added an extra layer of stress and anxiety for me. Finding the time to focus on myself and getting the sleep I need to function has been hard.

Enter — Apollo.

Apollo is a wellness wearable that helps you get more sleep each night and actively improves your body’s resilience to stress, so you can relax, focus, recover, and feel better. Wearing the Apollo for just a few hours a day has already improved my stress level and helped me to feel better overall. It’s like a wearable hug for your nervous system that helps you be a calmer, more mindful version of yourself by helping you go from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest”. And what parent doesn’t want to be more relaxed?

How It Works

This simple little gadget has helped me learn how to turn my brain ON when I'm feeling sluggish and tired during work, and also to turn my brain OFF so that relaxation and sleep can be a thing I experience to their fullest, not just something I wistfully remember from my pre-kid days. You can wear it in more ways than one -- strapped on your ankle, wrist, or clipped on your clothing -- and delivers gentle vibrations to ease your nervous system. No more than wearing a watch, the Apollo is an unobtrusive and comfortable way to achieve a life with less stress, more sleep, less fatigue and more focus. And takes very little effort on your part to enjoy the benefits - you just have to put it on. 


Customizable & Easy to Use

As a person who will give up within seconds if something feels like "work," I found this device and the accompanying app extremely easy to use and appreciate that finding a "mode" that is right for the moment didn't take much time or effort at all. Whether I felt a need to focus, meditate, sleep, or simply relax and unwind, there are modes specifically designed to help you do just that. Unlike other wearables that track your health biometrics, leaving you to decide how to act on the data, Apollo actually improves it. You simply strap it on, choose your mode, and sit back and let the Apollo wearable do its job.

If you're the scheduling type, you can even set up the times and sessions that work best for you throughout the day and as long as your Apollo is connected to your device, it will automatically run for you. I'm more of a "procrastinate and hope for the best" kinda girl so I just have all of my  go-to's saved as favorites so they are easy to find in a pinch.

Science Backed & Kid Friendly, Check!

I have appreciated my experience with the Apollo wearable so much that when my 7-year-old started having a sensory overload "sitch" I strapped it on his little leg (yes - it's safe for kids too!) and he quickly became calmer and had a noticeable change in his anxious breathing. He was relaxed and what would normally turn into a complete meltdown was stopped quickly in its tracks and for once, I felt like I was able to help him in a positive and meaningful way (unlike our usual routine of let it run its course and deal with the aftermath which is... never fun for either of us.) Finding something that works to improve my stress levels is hard enough but doing that and knowing it is safe and effective for him is what really hit this one out of the park for me.

Apollo is developed by physicians and neuroscientists, and backed by data. Who doesn't love a scientific seal of approval?

One week with the Apollo wearable has helped me to take control of how I want to feel. Explore Apollo Neuroscience for yourself by clicking here. 

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If you find that you don’t love Apollo after 30 days, you can 
return it through their 30 day satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

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