The Elf on the Shelf may be slightly creeping you out. But that festively odd little doll is serving a major purpose — he’s keeping your kiddos in line. Yep. The Elf is watching over your children and making sure that they behave in a way that…well, is fitting of Santa’s nice list. When three not-so-nice children from Queensland acted out, their mom came up with a pretty creative Elf-themed way of helping them to see the error of their ways.

The “headed for the naughty list” kids woke up to a note from Elsie, the Elf. And guess what? Elsie was cancelling Christmas. That is, Elsie was cancelling Christmas “for now.”

If the kids wanted, “a Santa visit + your tree + presents back,” the kids would have to change their behavior. Beyond that, they would also need to say they were sorry to their mother. The creative mama gave the kids one week to improve their actions, letting them know that Elsie would be watching.

After a pic of the note was posted on Facebook, it got plenty of reactions. One commenter wrote, “How mean! I hate that parents use Santa to avoid parenting. How do they manage the rest of the year?” But most of the replies were a little less negative. Okay, a lot less negative. There were several, “Should be more of this!” types of comments and even a few, “Christmas is canceled here” replies.

What do you think of “Elsie’s” note? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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