photo: Randy Olson/ screengrab

Fifteen thousand miles is all that stands between your family and the greatest road trip you will ever take. A data scientist has just put together a road map that covers 47 National Parks in one gigantic loop across the country. Pack up the car and the kids for the road trip of a lifetime.

Visiting just one National Park can make for lifelong family memories, so just imagine the endless fun that can come from visiting every park in the continental United States in one phenomenal trip. Randy Olson, a senior data scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, has mapped out the very best route to scope out 47 parks, not including the 12 in Hawaii and Alaska.

The entire trip us 14,498 miles and takes about two months to complete if you drive fast enough and don’t hit too many potty breaks. In other words if you gas up the car and head out now, you can potentially be home in time for back-to-school shopping. Click here to check out an interactive version of the route map Olson created.

Do you have any exciting family road trips planned this summer? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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