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Getting kids to complete chores can sometimes be more painful than simply doing the task yourself. However, with many benefits linked to kids helping out at home, it’s better to follow through. Luckily, there’s a new app that can help get the job done.

Chore Check makes it easy to not only dole out jobs, but also encourage kids to get them done by offering rewards when the to-do list is checked off. You can create your own list of chores and set the amount you want to pay per job. If you have more than one child you can also encourage getting things done through some friendly competition. Stealable chores can be available to all of your kids and the first one to complete it will be the one who earns the reward.

photo: Chore Check/ Facebook

For those activities that don’t warrant payment, you can still use the app to set reminders and check things off as they are completed, but the app itself is intended to not only teach responsibility, but also financial skills. “Some parent users include no-pay chores on Chore Check,” Ada Vaughan, founder of Chore Check tells Babble. “For example, my daughter has ‘load backpack with next day’s school stuff’ as a zero value chore. She doesn’t get paid anything, but just checks it off when she’s doing her other chores. It acts as a reminder. Since we are focused on teaching money management skills as one of our core values, having parents pay their kids is an important component.”

The app is easy to use and free to download, though if you want to be able to transfer actual money to a prepaid MasterCard (which can be useful for older kids) you will need to purchase the paid version for $9. Kids should be at least beginning to learn to read in order to be able to use it.

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