This New College Football Tradition Will Warm Your Heart

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Ahh, the time-tested college football traditions. Painting your face. Filling the trunk with cans of cheap beer. And grilling caveman-sized pieces of meat in parking lot. Of course. But now University of Iowa fans are starting an all new college football tradition. And it may not be anything that you’d expect.

So, what’s this big new tradition? Well, during the Hawkeyes’ season opener the crowd got on their feet, turned and waved. No, not the kind of wave that you grew up doing at every sporting event. But an actual from-the-hand wave.

The University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital is right across the street from the football stadium. And that’s the direction the crowd was waving. The hospital staff had some of the kids who were in the hospital gather at a window that overlooked the stadium. At the end of the first quarter, the entire crowd of fans turned and waved to the children who were watching. And, of course, the kids waved back.

This new, and entirely sweet, tradition isn’t the only connection between the Hawkeyes and the hospital. The team’s “Touchdown for Kids” campaign raises funds during every game for the hospital. The program also provides the opportunity for one child from the hospital to join the team (on the sideline) as a “kid captain.”

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