What’s more exciting than becoming a mom? Becoming a grandma! And let’s be honest: Taking on that role is often synonymous with spoiling grandkids and relishing in decades of experience.

But a recent TikTok video from @gwenith_rachelle, mom to five and grandma to one, has people talking. The obviously experienced gal stitched together a video from another grandma, who scoffed at her kids for leaving her instructions for taking care of their child. While that creator has since stated it was a joke, it got Grandma Gwenith thinking.

In the video, she shares that instructions are more than ok with her. “So I do this with [my] son and daughter-in-law when I watch my grandson. I ask them for their instructions, on his, you know, when he needs his bottles, what foods, um, anything I ask permission because I respect them as parents.”


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To Gwenith, being a grandma has nothing to do with flaunting her experience or strong-arming her kids into doing things her way. It’s about respect.

“I think there’s no quicker way to disrespect your grown adult children than to kinda have that mentality of, ‘I had kids so I know what I’m doing,'” she says in her video.

Viewers of her video tend to agree. Comments include “Thank you for that. I’ve been on the receiving end of wishes being blown off and it doesn’t feel good!,” “So important to respect their wishes. Well done glad to hear someone is respectful” and “Always ask my daughter and son in law what her preferences are for the little one because they are her parents not me.”

Gwenith sums it up perfectly before signing off from her video: “I really don’t think that it’s good to belittle your children.”


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