It’s never been easier to live like an influencer (minus the pristine white couches because c’mon) with these TikTok famous products on Amazon

We’re a little obsessed with TikTok. Once we learned how to clean up our social media feeds to only see accounts that uplift and inspire us (and we highly recommend you do the same), established the best ways to keep our kiddos as safe as possible while using it, and stopped believing everything we see (sorry, Journey, we did stop believin’, but only this one time), we’ve been riding the TikTok train. Apart from all the content that makes us laugh and cry, we’ve gotten a lot of product recommendations from it. TikTok loves a good viral anything, so imagine our excitement when we found so many of those viral TikTok products on Amazon!

That’s right. Prime strikes again. Since we already rely on Amazon for like, a lot, “gleeful” isn’t enough to describe how we felt when we found all those goodies from TikTok we’ve been searching for right there. These are the things the most relatable, popular, and trusted creators swear by, and we’ve seriously never been let down by one of their recommendations. Of course, Prime already offers a mind-boggling array of stuff, so we went ahead and rounded up some of our favorite TikTok famous products on Amazon so you don’t have to. Consider it an early holiday gift from us. Live like an influencer? Don’t mind if we do.

6-Piece Matte Liquid Lipstick Set

These lippies have almost 32,000 verified reviews that rival any of the pricier brands out there. We can confirm, and our only warning is to make sure you're fully committed to wearing it before you put it on. It. Stays. All. Day.

6-Piece Matte Liquid Lipstick Set ($12.88)—Buy Now

The Pink Stuff

If you're looking for legit, we bring you The Pink Stuff. Actually, Amazon brought it, but that's not the point. This bubblegum-pink paste works on absolutely everything we've ever tried it on. It's non-abrasive, so we've used it in the bathroom, the kitchen, on jewelry...this stuff is the real deal. (Of course, always read the directions and test that you can safely use it on your item of choice, just to be sure.)

The Pink Stuff (Starting at $7.49)—Buy Now

Neck & Shoulder Relaxer

Let's just take a minute, shall we? Are you reading this on your phone or computer? Are you hunched over, chin tucked, shoulders tense? You're totally noticing it now, aren't you? We thought so. This cervical traction device from RESTCLOUD claims to relieve neck and shoulder pain in just 10 minutes. Based on the almost 52K Amazon reviews, it does just that. Everyone from migraine-sufferers to athletes swear by it, so excuse us while we add to cart. (We're not doctors, so make sure to talk to yours before using, especially if you have a history of injury. Just lookin' out for ya!)

Neck & Shoulder Relaxer ($20.99)—Buy Now

Mighty Patch Original from Hero Cosmetics

The overnight acne solution we dreamed of as teens is finally here! The Mighty Patch is exactly that; a patch made of medical-grade hydrocolloid that sticks directly to your blemish, pulling out the gunk (gross, we know) in 6-8 hours. It's drug-free and allergy-tested, plus it's ultra-soft and blends into your skin, so if you wanted to wear it during the day, you definitely could. Once you take it off, expect a spot that's far less inflamed, smoother, and not nearly as angry. We swear by them!

Mighty Patch Original from Hero Cosmetics ($12.99)—Buy Now

AquaBliss Shower Filter

Another one we added to our carts. This is supposed to be the one shower filter to rule them all, using a proprietary filtration system that goes beyond activated charcoal to remove chlorine, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dirt, odor, and helps control scale build up. According to the almost 42K reviews, what's left is ph-balanced skin, reduced dandruff, controlled eczema, and all-around healthier hair, skin, and nails. Okay, we're convinced.

AquaBliss Shower Filter ($35.86)—Buy Now

Revlon Oil-Absorbing Roller

Forget those wasteful oil-absorbing sheets. If you're a glowy babe like some of us, this roller is made from volcanic stone that can be used over and over again (and can be washed!) on a bare face or over makeup—it won't mess it up! 

Revlon Oil-Absorbing Roller ($13.39)—Buy Now

BRONEX Cloud Slippers

Yeah, yeah. We know it's almost December. But hear us out: walking on marshmallows. Seriously. These slides are designed for everyone, come in a bunch of colors, and are so wickedly comfortable you've probably seen them on all the cool kids this past summer. If you absolutely can't stand your toes being exposed in cooler weather, we're seriously eyeing the BRONEX Bubble Slides

BRONEX Cloud Slippers ($20.39)—Buy Now

Kasa Smart Lightbubls

Switch up the ambiance with the tap of a button or a request to Alexa! These smart bulbs can be set to timers, controlled with an app or via Alexa or Google Assistant, and can dim and change colors in a flash. Your kids will love them, too. Kids love stuff like this.

Kasa Smart Lightbulbs ($29.99)—Buy Now

COURANT Wireless Charging Station

Charging cords are a thing of the past. This chic little wireless charging station is linen-covered, so you can leave it out on your bedside table without it looking clunky. It also comes in several colors!

COURANT Wireless Charging Station ($79.99)—Buy Now

Foot Peel Mask by Plantifique

The results of these serum-filled, one-time-use plastic booties are so gross and so satisfying. They absolutely work, so if you're not easily disgusted (it's pretty graphic, honestly), you'll end your several-day-long foot peel journey with baby-soft tootsies!

Foot Peel Mask by Plantifique ($18.95)—Buy Now

PAVOI Chunky Hoop Earrings

Hoops are having a moment. They're so chic, can be worn with a n y t h i n g, come in gold, rose gold, and white gold, and 4 different sizes. For less than $14, we're probably going to just grab them all. 

PAVOI Chunky Hoop Earrings ($13.95)—Buy Now

Identity Security Stamp Roller

Protect mail, documents, bank statements—anything that has information you don't want in anyone else's hands with this stamp roller. It's a 1/2in wide roller stamp in an encrypted pattern plus an oil-based ink that penetrates non-glossy paper so you're covered front and back!

Identity Security Stamp Roller ($9.99)—Buy Now

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

It's entirely possible that this editor is wishing desperately that she had one of these at the very moment she's typing this. A device ledge, mousepad, and phone holder mean everything you need to live your most productive life is at your fingertips!

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk ($35.99)—Buy Now

PopBabies Portable Blender

Okay, first of all: PopBabies?? Adorable. Also, though, this portable blender is small but mighty and goes where you do. It's USB-rechargeable and even works while it's charging. 17,000+ Amazon customers are believers, so we're thinking the odds are pretty good that you will be, too.

PopBabies Portable Blender ($36.99)—Buy Now

Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop

We know this doesn't necessarily look like anything new, but trust us, this is the best ice cream scoop! It's like if a spade and a scoop had a baby, so the edge basically cuts through your frozen faves and makes uniform servings. Oh, and even those super deep-frozen ice creams are no match for this.

Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop ($11.97)—Buy Now

BLOOMOAK Portable Hand Washing Paper Soap Sheets

Never get stuck in a dirty hand situation again. These handy soap sheets dissolve in water and lather up fast and slip easily into purses, pockets, backpacks, lunchboxes, and you'll definitely want some to pack in your suitcase for holiday travel!

BLOOMOAK Portable Hand Washing Paper Soap Sheets ($9.98)—Buy Now

Longzon Reusable Stretch Silicon Lids

We're so over foil and plastic wrap. Over. It. These lids fit over all sorts of kitchen containers so you can easily store your leftovers without any fuss!

Longzon Reusable Stretch Silicon Lids ($15.29)—Buy Now

BedShelfie Bedside Shelf

For anyone who doesn't have the space for a bedside table, bunkbed sleepers, dorm bed occupants, etc., this clip-on bedside shelf is a lifesaver!

BedShelfie Bedside Shelf ($34.99)—Buy Now

xxxiticat Spaghetti Strap Satin Dress

Holiday party, anyone? This machine washable satin dress is a favorite of over 15,000 Amazon customers for its flattering silhouette, versatility (you've seen dresses and sneakers is trending, right? Do it. Just do it. You won't regret it.), and wide rainbow of color options! One note—some bustier customers did have a few comments about the fit in the chest area, so keep that in mind when selecting your size. We got you.

xxxiticat Spaghetti Strap Satin Dress ($27.99)—Buy Now

Maybelline Sky High Mascara

Talk about viral! Maybelline's Sky High Mascara has created a loyal following fast (it only came out in the beginning of 2021!), and there's a reason for it: we think it holds up to its pricier counterparts for a fraction of the price!

Maybelline Sky High Mascara ($9.98)—Buy Now

SEASUM Lifting Leggings

You didn't think we'd leave out the leggings that took the country by storm, did you? Although their claim to fame is making booties look amazing, they're actually truly flattering and tummy-smoothing. If you're someone who likes to be cinched by their leggings, these are fantastic. They're also available up to a 4X, and we adore size inclusiveness.

SEASUM Lifting Leggings ($16.99-$18.97)—Buy Now

JW PEI Gabbi Shoulder Bag

If you don't believe that the viral JW PEI bags are so awesome, maybe you'll believe Megan Fox, Gigi Hadid, or Hailey Bieber who have all been spotted toting this Amazon tote. All of the JW PEI bags have glowing reviews, so you absolutely can't go wrong with a great handbag for less than $100! They're also available in all sorts of colors.

JW PEI Gabbi Shoulder Bag ($79.99)—Buy Now

Revlon Volumizer Hot Air Brush

You've seen it. It does everything it says it will. If you've been on the fence, this is your sign.

Revlon Volumizer Hot Air Brush ($38.98)—Buy Now

Le'raze Can-Shaped Glasses

Everyone went nuts for these adorable can-shaped glasses, and we get it. How cute are these? They're designed to be ultra-easy to customize with etching or sublimation if you're feeling crafty. They come in a set of 10, so they'd be a fabulous gift set, or add one or two to gift bags or baskets this season (maybe add a few of these TikTok famous straws?)!

Le'raze Can-Shaped Glasses ($29.99)—Buy Now

BlissLights Projector

Create a whole vibe with this nebula projector! Dine "under the stars", relax with a face mask in a spa-like environment, amp up a gaming corner—this one is just so cool.

BlissLights Projector ($44.99)—Buy Now


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