Kristen Bell’s Favorite Tiny Chef Is Coming to Nickelodeon

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If you haven’t already discovered The Tiny Chef, let us introduce you to the world’s tiniest (and quite possibly, the most adorable) herbivore chef, who whips up teeny-tiny dishes and sings songs in his garden tree stump house. With a cult following that includes mom-celeb Kristen Bell, The Tiny Chef will be taking his show to the big leagues, as Nickelodeon recently gave the greenlight to move forward with a series for the network. 

photo: Miss Penny

Imagine Kids+Family, Tiny Chef Productions and Nickelodeon Animation Studio will collaborate to create more of the short-form stop-motion animation that fans love. The Tiny Team is quoted in Deadline as saying, “We cannot wait to tell The Tiny Chef this amazing news. Though we’re a little worried his tiny heart may burst with joy so we’ll make sure he’s sitting down. It’s been The Tiny Chef’s dream to have his own cooking show and now Nickelodeon is making that come true. This next chapter in The Chef’s journey will be so exciting and thrilling for all of us.”

The series will premiere on Nick’s preschool platforms in the U.S., as well as Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. channels internationally.

Find out more about The Tiny Chef here. Check out The Tiny Chef YouTube channel here


—Gabby Cullen

Featured image: Miss Penny 



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