There’s nothing like the fresh scent of evergreens greeting you as you walk in the door and for many of us, the hanging of the holiday wreath is a tradition we treasure. But sometimes, especially when winter temps are more moderate, the grens just don’t stay, well, green. From fresh garlands to wreaths to your holiday tree, here are few tips and tricks for keeping it fresh as long as possible.


Keep It Fresh
Select the freshest possible! Make sure the wreath or swag doesn’t look dry and that when you touch it a ton of needles don’t fall (a few needles falling is normal). Typically, greens purchased through a nursery or tree farm tend to be fresher and better cared for vs. those out front of your supermarket.

Location, Location, Location 
Choose your location! Hang your wreath outside, ideally in a spot that doesn’t get a ton of direct sunlight. Inside, fresh wreaths and greens tend to last no more than a couple of weeks. For a festive indoor wreath, try out one of these cute DIY versions that are less perishable. If you must put it inside, make sure it’s not near a heating vent or fireplace (even though that garland looks soooo good draped over the mantel).

Spitz it!
Keep a small spray bottle on hand with water and spritz your greens a couple times a week in cooler climates, and up to once a day if you live somewhere warm. This will help keep them moist and hydrated.

Drink My Pretty
Before hanging and once a week or so, you can fill a shallow container with water and place your wreath in it so that the backside of the wreath is in water. This is the same principle you use for adding water to your cut Christmas tree. The cut branches will essentially suck up the water.

Super Spray
Some nurseries and cut tree farms recommend the use of a spray-on product like Wilt Pruf. It’s basically a protective waxy coating that you spray on. You can use it on all your greens including swag and Christmas trees. but you have to apply it first and let it dry completely before adding on lights, bells and bows. Most of this kind of product are non-toxic, but if you have a very large tree or length of garland, it’s going to be an awful lot of spritzing to cover it. 

Do you have any secrets for keeping your greens fresh? Share them with us in a comment below. 

—Amber Guetebier

photo: Tracey Adams via flickr 

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