How to Pitch Our Editors: 8 Simple Tips to Live By

As Head of Editorial, you might think I’m running around testing out cool products all day, right? In reality, much of my time is culling through a mountain of pitch emails, and then responding to and sorting them—or, more often than not, distributing the pitches to the correct team member. So, you’re wondering: How do you get on my (and our editors’) radar? Read on below for tips to live by.

1. Spell my and the company’s name correctly

This might seem like a no-brainer, but if you want to be taken seriously, please spell our names right. All of our editors’ names and email addresses are on our site.

2. Cut to the Chase
Most of our editors receive dozens—if not hundreds—of emails daily. This means we always look at every single one (seriously!), but we don’t always have the luxury of spending hours reading your novel of a pitch. Please get to the point quickly and clearly. We can’t wait to hear about your (insert your product/business/life-changing idea here), and you’d be our hero if you kept things concise.

3. We Love Photos! Embedded Please!
When pitching us, we love photos, especially if you’re pitching a product, toy, clothing line or anything else you think deserves a visual boost. If you want to include a photo please embed it in the email instead of linking to a website, dropbox link or media file. If we need high-res images, we’ll ask!

4. Know Your Audience
We’re all about offering up inspiration for family fun and will entertain any idea that falls under this umbrella. But, if you’re wondering why we never got back to you about your college dorm organizer or your new organic dog treat, please know you’re barking up the wrong tree (pun intended).

5. Give Us a Follow-up Nudge

Did we mention that we receive dozens—if not hundreds—of emails daily? Persistence pays off, and we always appreciate a friendly follow-up email. With this said, follow-up emails every single day over a month period isn’t cool and just clogs up our inboxes even more (true story).

6. Samples
We’re never one to say no to receiving samples and we’ll reach out if we would like to see your product firsthand. If we see a good fit and if we love your product, we’ll be in touch for photos and more information. We try our best to sample and vet in-person every single product we cover.

7. We Work Ahead
The editorial calendar is typically planned out months in advance. If you want to get on our radar, please pitch us early. This means that pitching us holiday gift guide ideas in November is way too late. Please send your ideas as early as possible!

8. We Love You, but We’re So Busy!
We absolutely adore you and love to hear your ideas and feedback. But we’re a lean team here, so we’re bummed we can’t personally respond to every single email. We’ll do our best to try, though!

Feel free to reach out to me (! I’d love to hear from you.

—Lauren DuVilla, Tinybeans’ Head of Editorial whose email inbox is only 97% full