It’s a whole new world when your little one is d-o-n-e with the crib. You’ve moved the crib mattress as low as it’ll go and you still hear little feet after your tiny escape artist makes it out of their baby bed. You know it’s time, but we also know that finding a toddler bed can be a challenge. From cribs that convert for bigger kids, beds that have their favorite characters, and beds that match their rooms perfectly, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites for the new chapter.

Twin Size Floor Bed


One of the major differences between the crib and the toddler bed is the height. This cool floor bed makes it easier to avoid falls (or jumps—let's be honest), but still lets them have the independence your toddler's looking for. It comes in 4 different finishes, too. Twin Size Floor Bed ($194.90)—Buy Here!

Wooden House Bed


We love the simple clean design of this house-shaped bed. Whether they're playing pretend or getting used to a big kid bed, you can't go wrong with this fun style. Available in white (pictured) and grey. Wooden House Bed ($159.99)—Buy Here!

Dream on Me Convertible Toddler Bed


From toddler bed to adorable seating set, this bed will be able to stick with them as they grow. It comes in 5 colors. Dream on Me Convertible Toddler Bed ($88.00+)—Buy Here!

Teepee Tent Twin Floor Bed

Bed Bath & Beyond

What kiddo wouldn't love a bed and a play tent? This one has it all and includes a removable washable cover, so they can play as hard as they want. Teepee Tent Twin Floor Bed ($155.69)—Buy Here!

Upholstered Platform Cartoon Ears Bed

Home Depot

This toddler bed has the cutest headboard that doesn't just make it super cute, it also doubles as a soft backrest for reading or playing. Upholstered Platform Cartoon Ears Bed ($241.15)—Buy Here!

Little Partners MOD Toddler Bed


With sleek lines and a modern vibe, this bed is easy to match with any kid's room. It comes in white (pictured) or grey. Little Partners MOD Toddler Bed ($179.99)—Buy Here!

Ballad Toddler Bed


For toddlers with a flair for the dramatic, this bed is the perfect statement piece. It comes in this royal purple, and is also available in an emerald green and a dolphin grey option. Ballad Toddler Bed ($277.00)—Buy Here!

reGen Recharged White 5 Pc Twin Bed

Rooms To Go

If you're looking for a toddler bed that will grow with them, this full bedroom set is a great option. The look of leather upholstery, attachable bedside table and bookcase, and some extra side security for little ones learning to sleep in a big kid bed. reGen Recharged White 5 Pc Twin Bed ($1129.99)—Buy Here!

Folding Floor Sleeper


Looking for a transitional bed instead of a more permanent option? This folding floor sleeper is ideal. You can even easily move it for traveling, or bring it into your room for nights when your little one is having a hard time sleeping alone. Folding Floor Sleeper ($129.99)—Buy Here!

Car-Shaped Platform Bed


Your little racer will definitely appreciate graduating to this platform bed, and you'll appreciate the extra included storage. Car-Shaped Platform Bed ($189.00)—Buy Here!

BALUS Wooden Upholstered Bed


This one comes in pink or blue and is such a cool design. It may even last through their high school years. BALUS Wooden Upholstered Bed ($158.99)—Buy Here!

Toddler Platform Bed with LED Lights


The best part about this bed? The LED lights are motion-activated, so your little one has a built-in nightlight. Toddler Platform Bed with LED Lights ($157.99)—Buy Here!

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