Girl Scout cookies are a wonderful thing, but only getting to enjoy them one time a year is not. As it turns out, there are plenty of options to keep you happy until you can officially purchase your weight in cookies from some of the world’s youngest entrepreneurs outside your local grocery store. Keep reading for some popular Girl Scout cookies alternatives at Trader Joe’s.

Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins

Thin Mints are the top-selling Girl Scout cookie—and with good reason! They are refreshing and chocolatey cookies that are just big enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, and TJ's has caught on. This year, they released their own version called Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins, which will be on the shelves from January through September. After that you can stock up big time on Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Mint Stars for the Thin Mint vibe!

A box of Mint Coins is only $1.99.

Peanut Butter Roundels

Creamy peanut butter that's covered in delicious milk chocolate? That's the description of both the Girl Scout Peanut Butter Patties and Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Roundels. Get your PB fix year-round when you shop TJ's and enjoy the 2-inch wide cookie that's covered in either milk or dark chocolate!

You can find an 8-count box for $3.49 any time of year at Trader Joe's.

Coffee Toffee Shortbread Cookies

Trader Joe's knows how to take an already delicious cookie and make it better. Trader Joe's Coffee Toffee Shortbread Cookie starts out like the Girl Scouts' Toffee-tastic Cookie—which has buttery shortbread and hunks of toffee—and is then topped with chocolate to make the perfect cookie for dunking.

Snag a box for just $2.99 at TJ's

Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins

Trader Joe's Bakersfield via Instagram

Fans of Girl Scout Lemonades will love the tart Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins from Trader Joe's. While the thinner version doesn't boast the lemon frosting on the Lemonades that we love sinking our teeth into, it has all the citrusy tang we love about the OG cookie.

Campfire S'mores Bar

Last year, the Girl Scouts introduced two new S'mores cookies, both inspired by a staple of the scouting experience: s'mores. While we totally get that this Trader Joe's alternative isn't technically a cookie, it has all the best parts about S'mores and thus, is a great alternative. Enjoy milk chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers––all without having to build a fire of your own.

One large Campfire S'mores Bar is just $2.99 at Trader Joe's.

All Butter Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Filling

Karly Wood for Red Tricycle

While the traditional Thanks-A-Lot cookies from the Girl Scouts have chocolate on the bottom of their shortbread cookie, the Trader Joe's version has a tasty, chocolatey center. Regardless, that buttery and savory flavor is still there, just like the original cookie with all the fun ways to say "thank you."

A large box of All Butter Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Filling is only $4.99 in the cookie section at TJ's.

Walker's Pure Butter Shortbread Cookies

Karly Wood for Red Tricycle

The Girls Scouts' most basic cookie, the Trefoil, is as purist as they come. You won't spy the silhouette of a hard working young lady on the Walker's version of shortbread cookies found at Trader Joe's, but you will get to enjoy all the buttery goodness that comes with a legit shortbread cookie.

A 5 oz. box is only $3.49 at your neighborhood Trader Joe's.

So, the only question left to answer is, how many boxes will you toss into your shopping card on your next Trader Joe’s run?

—Karly Wood

All Photos: Courtesy of Trader Joe’s



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