This Genius Trader Joe’s Shopping Hack Has Been in Front of Us This Whole Time

Trader Joe's freezer section

Are you one of those people who shops the aisles of Trader Joe’s once a week, maybe more? Even though you might be there on the daily, we were totally blown away by this Trader Joe’s shopping hack that’s been hiding in plain sight this whole time.

Reportedly, if you look on the shelf immediately above the frozen food cases you’ll find condiments to match the items below. In other words, the french fries are conveniently located below the ketchup and the enchilada sauce is above the enchiladas. Um, what?!

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Next time you head to Trader Joe’s, look up when you hit the frozen pizzas and you might just find plenty of parmesan and pepper flakes. Not only does the perfect case-to-shelf pairing save you a trip to another aisle, it also provides add-on idea awesomeness! It’s all part of Trader Joe’s master plan to get you to buy all the things every time you shop there.

While this matchy-matchy grocery hack is true for some stores, we can’t confirm that it works at every TJ’s across the country. If your Trader Joe’s doesn’t do the frozen food and condiment pairing thing, don’t stress. Sure, you’ll need to take a trip to another aisle to complete your shopping list. But then again, there are worse things than spending a few extra minutes searching for fab foodie finds!

And of course, you could always email your local TJ’s to request the update, too; it apparently works wonders when your fave items are out of stock at Trader Joe’s, according to one insider.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: daveynin via Flickr



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