Sure, you go there for the dried coconut snacks, organic wild arugula, rustic multi-grain bread and three-layer hummus. But now your fave grocery retailer has something that’s even better than their frozen orange chicken (but really, is anything better than that?). Yep, Trader Joe’s podcast is pure awesomeness. And here’s what you need to know about it.

The new podcast, Inside Trader Joe’s, takes listeners inside of the super-popular chain. With more than 41,000 crew members spread across 475 stores, Trader Joe’s is a well-loved part of the grocery community. Now we’re all getting a chance to pull back the curtain and get a peek inside what really goes on.

The five-episode podcast includes episodes that focus on the products, their values and their brand—all with info straight from the Captains (those are the store managers) and Crew. So what specifically will you hear in these fab little podcast episodes? Well, to start with answers to some of the questions that you’ve probably always had. Um, like those two bells ringing? If you’ve ever stood in line and thought, “What in the heck are those and do they mean that someone just won a TJ’s prize that I don’t know about?” The answer, according to episode one, is that someone has a question in need of answering. Hmm. Good to know.

Oh, and this isn’t a five-episode long commercial about just how crazy-cool TJ’s is. Nope. They even talk about their misses. Notably, their cream of venison soup and cottonseed butter (instead of peanut butter). Whoa!

—Erica Loop

photo: flickr/Mike Mozart, JeepersMedia


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