It’s the perfect way to decorate for Día de los Muertos

As if Trader Joe’s yoga skeleton air plants weren’t enough holiday-themed fun, TJ’s also has also brought back its annual collection of sugar skull succulents!

The brightly hued ceramic skulls are a perfect addition to any Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) décor. Rather than cause frights, the sugar skulls are intended to express the happy memories of loved ones that have passed on. This year’s eye-catching collection does just that.

The skulls are available in purple, orange, white, black, blue, and yellow colors. In years past, there have been both mini ($4.99) and grande ($9.99) sizes to shop, but so far in 2022, we’ve only seen the small versions at local stores.

While we wouldn’t call ourselves botanists, we have spied a variety of succulent plants to choose from. Echeverias, Haworthia, aloe, Tiger plants, and several other options will bring a little life (after death) into your space.

Karly Wood

The best part about succulents? Even the blackest of thumbs can keep them alive with just a little water and sunlight. They will likely survive long past Día de los Muertos, which means you can either transplant them into a year-round container or your backyard, or just keep them in the candy-colored sugar skull all year long.

The next time you’re headed out to Trader Joe’s to stock up on fall products to welcome the season or just to pick up the perfect gift, grab a few skulls before they’re gone!

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