The company that makes the plants for Trader Joe’s has confirmed they will be returning for 2022

Run, don’t walk to your closest Trader Joe’s––yoga skeletons have returned! The spooky yogis have been a hit for several years now, selling out whenever they were in stock and this year is bound to be the same.

LiveTrends Design Group is the creator of the cult-classic design that involves three poses with an air plant on top and has shared that they are returning exclusively to Trader Joe’s this year. Even though Halloween is still quite some time away, you’ll want to pick up the trio stat.

Last year, each plant retailed for $6.99 so we’re assuming the price would be similar (though perfectly possible it would be more given how expensive everything is right now). You can find them in the garden section or perhaps with other seasonal goodies.

The yoga skeletons come with air plants as hair and in the lotus, lotus with hands to heart and lotus with hands above head poses. We didn’t know skeletons could be cute but we stand corrected!

Since it’s still August, it may take time for the planters to roll out to every Trader Joe’s store. Plus, let’s be honest, not everyone lives within driving distance to one of the famed neighborhood markets.

If that’s the case, there are other retailers that do their best to mimic the design. We found a five-pack of two-inch yogis from Amazon for $29 that are arranged in the camel pose, pigeon pose, easy pose, twist pose, and king pigeon pose. While they don’t have the air plant element, they are pretty spooktacular.

If you prefer the darker side of Halloween, Joann sells a black skeleton that sits almost five inches high in the lotus pose for just $12. Since the Halloween season hasn’t even technically started, we are just getting started with all the creepy and crawly decor. Boo!

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