Travelocity’s New Study Forecasts a Season of Family Reunions

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The Season of Family Reunions has a nice ring to it! A new study from Travelocity showed most people who stayed home during the pandemic miss socializing with family above all and 69 percent of non-parent respondents plan to travel for leisure within the next nine months, compared to 80 percent among parent respondents

From April 20-24, Travelocity surveyed more than 1,000 participants who live in the U.S. to gain better insight on summer travel plans. As restrictions begin to loosen nationwide, respondents are overall eager to travel and 67 percent note that being vaccinated personally plays a key role in their decision. Forty-two percent of non-travelers said that the main barrier up to this point is that it did not feel safe.

Among parents, 71 percent said they’d travel whether or not their children had received the COVID-19 vaccine. They’re also quite in touch with changes in the travel industry, with 66 percent noting that they’re extremely or very familiar with safety developments.What will travel look like this summer? Respondents with upcoming vacations planned said they’ll visit family (24 percent), hit the beach (16 percent), take a road trip (13 percent) or travel internationally (9 percent). Almost two thirds will get there by car (60 percent) and the rest plan to fly (35 percent).To help make getaway dreams come true, Travelocity is partnering with Thrifty Car Rental to give away two deluxe road trips, valued at $25,000 each. Even if you don’t win, you’ll be in good company if you’ve booked upcoming travel. We foresee lots of hugs in near future!

––Sarah Shebek

Image courtesy of Travelocity
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