Tummy Time Hacks by a Pediatric Physical Therapist


Brita DeStefano

Dr. Brita is a pediatric physical therapist and mama of 2. She believes that milestones shouldn't be a mystery and enjoys giving parents peace of mind about their kid's development

I see these new mamas all the time – they’ve just left the pediatricians office and have been prescribed tummy time for their newborn. Along with making sure they’re fed, healthy and thriving, they’ve also been given yet another task to be checked off their daily list. How the heck does an overwhelmed and exhausted new mom fit yet another thing into her day? And what about if their baby hates tummy time? Forget it! As a pediatric physical therapist and mom of two, not only have I been there, done that, but it’s actually my job to help parents and babies become tummy time masters! I want tummy time to be peaceful and productive, not a dreaded task to check off your list. It breaks my heart to see families struggling with this important activity, especially knowing how essential tummy time is for building a foundation for healthy development. So, let me share some of my tricks of the trade. Check out my favorite gear that will help make tummy time a breeze.


Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

Engage Baby's Curiosity


As baby's vision develops they are highly motivated by faces - even their own! This soft sided mirror is fully baby-proof with contrasting colors. The bee and ladybug also encourage tactile exploration once baby starts reaching.



Lay and Play Adventure Mat

Tummy Time On The Go


Let's face it, some days are busier than others. If you're going to be out of the house all day you might wonder how to fit tummy time in while you're on the go. Enter the Lay and Play Adventure Mat! It is an easily packable play gym with a wipeable and washable mat that is perfect for doing tummy time just about anywhere!



Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby

Whimsical Entertainment


These high quality black and white art cards are not only adorable, but they help develop your baby's vision while they do their tummy time. At birth, babies see best in black, white and red so these cute animals are sure to catch your little one's attention.



Taf Toys 2 in 1 Tummy-Time Soft Baby Developmental Pillow

Give Baby a Boost


Tummy time is hard work! Sometimes baby just needs a little boost. This tummy time pillow is great for those little ones who need some extra support under their chest. It has a smaller side for 0-3 months and larger pillow for 3+ months (I love gear that grows with baby!).



Exercise Ball

Ball for Birthing AND Baby


You know how many moms use birthing balls when they're in labor? Well don't get rid of it! Your baby might be one of the ones who prefers motion during tummy time. Bouncing or rocking your baby while on their tummy over the exercise ball can be a great way to soothe them and build their endurance for being on their belly.



Teether Book Take-A-Long Toy

Sensory Exploration


Engage all of baby's senses during tummy time with their very first book! This soft book has crinkly pages for auditory input, textured handle and corners for oral exploration, and bright colors for visual engagement.



ABC & Me Plush Toy Wobble Set

Reach and Wobble


As your baby gets stronger on their tummy, they'll begin to shift their weight and practice reaching for toys. These little wobbly animals are great to encourage this phase of tummy time skills. They tip over and pop back up to promote repetition which is the key to learning!