Everything was awesome last year when the first LEGO Turkish Airlines’ safety video made its way around the internet—and international flights. And just as The LEGO Movie got its own sequel, so too has the airline safety video—and it’s a full four minutes long!

As if The LEGO Movie 2 wasn’t cool enough, this four-minute video includes a whopping 24,000 digital LEGO minifigures—and that’s just in one scene! According to reports, production took over four months, requiring 400 people and used 20 million LEGO bricks.


And if that big number didn’t impress you enough, know that there’s not just one version of the video—there are 11, each in different languages. (Don’t worry if you can’t speak Turkish. The airline made sure there are English versions, too.)

Even if you aren’t planning to fly on Turkish Airlines anytime soon, that’s okay. You can watch the epic LEGO-inspired safety video on YouTube anytime.

—Erica Loop



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