Growing up is no joke, and it’s even worse when you “poof” into a giant red panda when you get too excited. Disney and Pixar’s newest leading lady Mei Lin in Turning Red is already dealing with changes in her interests, relationships and body; now she’s got to navigate this newest quandary in a hilarious and relatable way.

The movie is streaming on Disney+ today. “Turning Red is as hilarious as it is poignant, and it features beautiful animation along with some terrific voice acting from a diverse cast,” writes The Ringer in its review. “Perhaps above all, though, the movie is fearless in its approach to focusing the story on a young Chinese Canadian girl and her three best friends as they transition into puberty, covering everything from periods to a sudden interest in boys.”

“The goal wasn’t just to stylize it for the sake of stylization,” producer Lindsay Collins told Wired. “Since our character is a 13-year-old Asian girl, it was important for us to put that lens on when we were designing the world.”

From Mei’s die-hard friends to her overbearing mom (voiced by Sandra Oh), Mei is about to set on a journey of finding herself in this hilarious flick from Disney and Pixar.

The best news? Turning Red is actually debuting in homes in lieu of the theaters on Mar. 11. Make sure you have Disney+ because it will be the sole spot to watch Mei and all her poof-tastic magic.



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