Twin Essentials


Natasha D'anna

Natasha D'Anna: Mom of 3, which includes twin girls and a son, wife, NYC Influencer, Award winning Children's book author & ABA Therapist, sharing stories about a bonded lifestyle.

Having twins is double the blessing. It is something that I like to remember rather than being overwhelmed with the thought of having two babies at one time. Now that we’ve shifted those gears; let me share some of the top items that have helped twin parents make life a little easier; especially when doing it alone. Here are the lists of gear needed as well as books that can bring you from day to night.

I wish that I could say that there is a specific rule book when caring for twins, But there isn’t. Just as it goes when having your singleton baby; It is all in the matter of nurture and what fits you comfortably. Journaling was a great way to mentally answer my own questions as well as keep notes and track of our daily routine. Movement was always a great part of our day, and still is. Lastly, call on your fellow twin mamas who laugh at the days that are upside down.


What to Expect When You're Expecting Twins

The twin parenting book of what to expect when expecting twins


I loved reading through this book. Its a quick navigator and gives you direct references.



Bugaboo Donkey for 2

Your second set of wheels


I loved the position of this stroller. Its easy to access both babies and have them occupy each others attention when strolling.



Twin 2 Go Carrier

Your second set of hands.


It is such a lifesaver to be able to walk around with both babies as well as balance yourself to better posture and strength.



Twin Z Pillow for Nursing

Comfortable Nursing like a pro to feed both babies at one time.


I loved being able to have the extra height and arm support when nursing both babies at one time.



Baby Connect (Babies Feeding Schedule App)

The app that helps you remember to feed both babies.

$4.99 BUY NOW

The App that helps you keep track your babies feedings without losing track of which baby ate last.

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