You Won’t Want to Take a Break from the New Revolution x Friends Beauty Line

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Nostalgia alert! It’s time to go back in time and pay some serious homage to your fave Thursday night “friends.” Beauty brand Makeup Revolution just added to its already can’t-miss line of Friends themed products!

The Revolution x Friends line now includes eye shadow palettes based on your fave characters, lipstick kits, sheet masks, a Lobster mirror and even a Joey Ichiban Lipstick for Men.

Each eye shadow palette ($12) comes with nine shades, all with notable names that feature the boys. The Ross palette features the My Sandwich, Leather Pants, Break, White Teeth, Dinosaur, Fossil, Juice Box, Keyboard and Unagi shadows.

The Joey includes Joey (of course), Dr. Drake, Mary Angela, Nap Partner, Trifle, Turkey, Bamboozled, Tribbiani and JR. Chandler’s palette’s shadows include Hello Mr. Bing, Tulsa, Bigger Boat, Hypnosis, The Box, Cups, Eddie, Jack and Erica. As if the three new palettes aren’t enough, you can also nab the I’ll Be There for You 18-piece shadow set ($18).

The boys don’t get all the fun in this collection. The new lip kits ($12) are named after the girls, with a Rachel, Monica and Phoebe. Check out the full line of Revolution x Friends beauty buys at Ulta online and in stores nationwide, or online from Makeup Revolution.

—Erica Loop

Photos: Makeup Revolution



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