Ready for some family adventures? Now is the perfect time to book a small-ship cruise with UnCruise and get those teens and tweens off their devices and out into nature. We spent a day experiencing how UnCruise works and can’t wait for you to check them out for yourself. Here are all the reasons why it just might be the perfect option for your family.

This is article is sponsored by UnCruise. Join the leading adventure cruise line, offering 7-to-14-night cruises to remote locations and featuring high-end cuisine as well as family, solo, and group adventures. UnCruise further provides adventures from Alaska to Cartagena with wildlife, daily activities and all-inclusive options to travel better and more sustainably. Explore the world with UnCruise Adventures, whose small ships offer a more intimate experience than their larger ships and their small footprint leaves you feeling good about traveling with them. It’s time to think bigger by cruising small!


1. UnCruise is all about the small ship life and that means your family will get the personalized experience that you are looking for. Ships range from 22-86 guests—that’s it! Gone are the massive buffet lines, lengthy port check-in procedures and the crowds at the swimming pool. By the end of your adventure, you and the crew will feel like family.

2. It’s about the adventures, not the ports. While typical cruises focus on the ports that you’ll be visiting and activities you can do there (for an extra charge), UnCruise focuses on experiencing nature. Instead of stopping in a tourist spot for shopping, you’ll be kayaking off the back of the ship to check out all the wildlife that an area offers.

3. Kids are included in the activities, not sent off to kids club. Kids ages 8 and up are welcome to go on an UnCruise and they are part of everything right from the start. If there are a bunch of kids on a certain excursion, often the crew will organize activities tailored to their interests. But kids are typically included just like others on the expedition and we love that!


4. You’ll really get to know the location you are visiting as you won’t be spending time traveling from port to port. UnCruise excursions average around 300 miles of travel for a week-long adventure and larger ships typically travel over 1,000 miles during that same time period. Whether you choose to explore the Alaska fjords and glaciers or the wonders of Costa Rica and Panama, you will be spending very little time traveling from port to port and that means more time for experiences you won’t soon forget.

5. Every day on an UnCruise expedition is full of adventure. All ships carry expedition teams that plan out the activities. The typical schedule has you choosing a morning and an afternoon activity that may include snorkeling, kayaking, hiking through the rainforest or whale watching among other options. There’s something for every activity level and all activities are included in your cruise price (no extra excursion costs).

6. Forget what you know about cruise food. UnCruise offers a true field-to-table dining experience by partnering with local farmers and producers in the areas they visit to get the freshest sustainable seafood, and local fruits and veggies. Meals are casual (no need to dress up!) and they can handle all dietary needs. Just wait ’til you try the fresh-baked pastries each morning—you’ll be blown away by what can be created in the small galley kitchen! And, it’s open bar so you don’t need to worry about your bar charges at the end of your trip.


7. An UnCruise Adventure is truly unplugged. There’s no WiFi onboard so unless you nab a signal while close to shore, your family will get to unplug and fully experience the wonder of the outdoors. We think this is perfect for the always-connected teen set (and parents too!).

Ready to book your UnCruise Adventure? Head to their website to find the UnCruise that’s best for your family.

Editor’s note: This trip was hosted by UnCruise but all opinions belong to the writer. 

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