What do you get the person who has everything? We’re here to help with these unique gift finds

We all have at least one of those people in our lives: they’re hard to buy for, they have everything, they never have a list. And they always seem to give great gifts, too, right? It sure would be nice to return the favor, so we’ve looked high and low for some of the most unique gifts out there. We’ve found them for everyone, including the kiddos. Hard-to-buy-for loved ones are no match for us!

From 3-D puzzles to aesthetic fire extinguishers to a yak that teaches self-confidence and beyond, these unique gifts are almost guaranteed to be never-before-seen for that friend who seems to be on top of every trend before Instagram even gets a hold of it. We’ve made sure to also include the little ones, since every single year we end up buying them a toy they already have. There are even a few you probably want to add to cart for yourself. Go ahead. We think you deserve a shark sconce, too.

Safe-T Fire Extinguisher Soup Can

This is exactly what it looks like. Having a fire extinguisher on hand is a must in the kitchen, but it doesn't have to be ugly. There are a few to choose from, but we're talking unique, so obviously, the soup is the frontrunner. 

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Safe-T Fire Extinguisher Soup Can ($149.00)—Buy Now

FLEX Kart XL Pedal Ride-On Toy

Not quite a bike, not quite a trike, not quite a scooter, but 100% fun, this ride-on vehicle is designed for kiddos 4+ and up to 110 lbs, and folds down at a touch to store easily!

FLEX Kart XL Pedal Ride-On Toy ($219.99)—Buy Now

Raising the Bar

Whether you're someone who practices sobriety as a lifestyle, is taking a break, is pregnant, or just looking for more options this holiday season, Raising the Bar has to be your first stop. Their incredible alcohol-free subscription service is the perfect way to explore zero-proof cocktails. Each box features a drink of the month recipe card, all the ingredients needed to create it, and one or two extras, like a garnish or bar tool.

With alcohol-free spirits and teas, syrups, bitters, and tonics, and juices, mixes, and carbonation, Raising the Bar has created fun, sophisticated, and super yummy cocktails that are so good, you won't miss the booze. Each month is something new, so although RTB offers a month-to-month subscription option, we highly recommend their 3, 6, or 12 month options!

Raising the Bar Non-Alcoholic Subscription Box (Starting at $50.75/month)—Buy Now

GIR Ultimate Classic Silicon Straws

Make being environmentally conscious fun, too, with this set of silicon straws from GIR. 10 classic-size straws, 4 carrying cases, and 5 cleaning squeegees make this set a great stocking-stuffer (or divide them up and stuff several stockings. There are no rules when it comes to Yule.)!

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GIR Ultimate Classic Silicon Straws ($20.95)—Buy Now

Osmo Coding Starter Kit (Ages 5-10)

This is not your ordinary video game. This starter kit (and all of the Osmo Starter Kits) link up to an iPad or Fire Tablet to teach kiddos coding (yes, coding!) in a fun and unique way. Plus, you can always add expansion packs to your Osmo set once you have the starter!

Osmo Coding Starter Kit (Ages 5-10) ($59.40)—Buy Now

Slumberkins Yak Kin & Board Book

The Slumberkins collection is designed by a therapist to help teach kiddos social and emotional skills. Each set comes with a book, affirmation card, and plush Kin (in this case a Yak, which we think is just beyond precious).

Slumberkins Yak Kin & Board Book ($52.00)—Buy Now

Cartonic Albert E. 3D Puzzle

Based in Ukraine, Cartonic 3D puzzles are a fantastic way to create genuine cardboard art! Once you're done, put it on display for a unique decorative piece.

Cartonic Albert E. 3D Puzzle ($43.99)—Buy Now

Celestial Buddies Earth, Sun, Moon, & Stars Collection

An original line of plush planetary fun, Celestial Buddies are huggable and educational! What kid has a stuffed sun already?

Celestial Buddies Earth, Sun, Moon, & Stars Collection ($96.00)—Buy Now

Oceano Playhouse

We're not going to lie: this playhouse is literally nicer than our own. Charming and beautiful, this isn't even close to a regular old playhouse!

Oceano Playhouse ($1850.00)—Buy Now

Cereal Candle Gift Set

Any cereal lover out there is going to go crazy for this cereal candle set complete with two candles and wax melts!

Cereal Candle Gift Set ($28.00)—Buy Now

Barely There Temporary Tattoos

Put out That Girl vibes without the commitment with these minimalist line art temporarily tattoos!

Barely There Temporary Tattoos ($9.09)—Buy Now

Brass Monkey Puffer Vest Koozies

We love a good vintage piece and we love cold beverages, so we definitely need these puffer vest koozies.

Brass Monkey Puffer Vest Koozies ($14.00)—Buy Now

Floral Printed Cap

We adore a good hat for our kiddos and are completely into the street-style-meets-floral design! 

Floral Printed Cap ($30.00)—Buy Now

Name Logo Necklace

How. Cool. Is. This? Your full name designed as a logo that is unique to you (or the gift recipient, of course) and comes in silver, gold, and rose gold!

Name Logo Necklace ($48.00)—Buy Now 

Shark Wall Sconce

We feel like this speaks for itself. And what does it say? "Jawsome". (Also, yes, there are other animal sconces available, of course.)

Shark Wall Sconce ($124.71)—Buy Now

Mini Concrete Planters

These icons are the addition their plant collection needs, hands down.

Mini Concrete Planters ($15.29+)—Buy Now

Nostalgia Hot Dog Steamer

This looked funny at first, but we have kids, so this is actually genius. Steam up to 20 hotdogs and 6 buns all at one time!

Nostalgia Hot Dog Steamer ($49.99)—Buy Now

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