This Is How Much American Parents Pay for Babysitters

How much do babysitters make? To answer this question, UrbanSitter recently published its 10th Annual National Child Care Rates Survey!

After reviewing booking data from more than 10,000 families, UrbanSitter calculated the hourly rates of caregivers such as tutors, virtual sitters, and pod sitters. The results include national averages for different types of sitters along with regional averages.

photo courtesy of UrbanSitter

According to UrbanSitter’s stats, fifty-seven percent of parents surveyed will pay over $10,000 in child care costs this year. The national average for in-person sitting services is $18.36 per hour for one child in 2021. This is a 3.5 percent increase from 2020. The average jumps to $21.23 per hour for two kiddos—a 4.5 percent increase from 2020.

Virtual sitting services averaged $16.51 per hour and pod sitters made an average of $15.90. Tutors made more than these types of sitters, with a national average of $20.72 per hour.

If you’re wondering which region has the highest sitter rates, look to the west. San Francisco rates averaged $20.72 per hour for one child and $23.56 per hour for two kiddos. Las Vegas sitters charged the least, with an average price tag of $12.52 per hour for one kiddo and $17.18 for two.

For more information on how much American parents pay their sitters and other child care trends, visit UrbanSitter here.

—Erica Loop



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