On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…one tree tipping, two rising electric bills, three scooter crashes, four crashing ornaments and five major headaches. For all the fun of the holiday, there are some real hazards to consider, outlined in a new report.

This year, 10% of Americans surveyed said they’ve been injured setting up a tree, which is actually down from 20% last year. Whether that happens when the tree falls over, or when a rogue branch strikes, it’s definitely something to keep in mind while decorating. If you’re a pet owner, it’s pretty common for your furry friend to wreak some havoc, too. Another 72% of respondents said their pets have knocked down the tree or ornaments, often causing damage.

While scooters are an ever-popular Christmas gift, they’re also the most dangerous present. There have been 477,082 injuries attributed to nonmotorized scooters since 2011, but fortunately that trend is on the decline. In 2020, injuries dropped by 81%! Other dangerous toys (based on number of injuries caused) include balls, toy vehicles and building sets.

Finally, it might be nice to leave your lights twinkling all night, but that can be a fire hazard. The danger intensifies if your lights are old, since the wiring can be faulty. Real trees can also be a bigger risk for going up in flame, but the study found that parents are more likely to choose a live tree. Play it safe and turn those lights off at bedtime!

—Sarah Shebek

Featured image courtesy of Jonathan Borba, Pexels



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