Kids and potty humor seem to go hand in hand, and even the fan-favorite kids show Bluey is getting in on the action. Never willing to miss an opportunity to talk toilets, littles are especially loving a silly moment on season two, episode seven, “Favourite Things.”

In it, Bingo, Bluey and their parents Chili and Bandit are enjoying a picnic lunch together. Bingo turns to her mum, holds out her hand and goes through a series of commands, ending with “thank you for cleaning my toilet!” Mama Chili is not amused and immediately starts cleaning off her “dirty” finger.

In case you missed that, kiddos start out by holding out both hands with one cupped and the other on top. Then they ask to “stick your finger inside and wiggle it around” (which should be your first clue that something unsavory is coming). Then, they ask you to take out your finger and “close the lid,” followed by exclaiming “thanks for cleaning my toilet!”

One of the reasons the prank resonates so well with children who watch the show is the natural development of potty humor at around the same they themselves are learning to use the toilet. While some parents try to avoid it all together, it’s actually a form of expression as they learn about their bodies.

Michele Kambolis, a registered child and family therapist tells Today’s Parent that “The endless jokes are a form of relief (no pun intended) after the tension of the developmental task that is potty training.”

Perhaps the funniest thing about this prank is that so many parents aren’t sure where their kids picked it up. Thanks to TikTok, eager viewers are enlightening moms and dads that it did indeed come from the Aussie show.

If you aren’t already a fan of the show, it follows Bluey, an energetic six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy who lives with her dad, mum, and four-year-old little sister, Bingo. It’s risen to major popularity both among kids and parents, as viewers follow Bluey on everyday adventures that always share a meaningful message.

You can catch seasons one and two of Bluey on Disney+ now.



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